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  1. Had an absolute blast out there this weekend. Happy Halloween!!
  2. No matter what remedy you read about first this first is the sand in the bead has got to go. The sand will shred the bead from the inside out and cause more problems and by introducing anything else to the situation just means that the sand will remain and keep the problem going. I say this from experience. That being said slime is not the answer. I have used the antifreeze and alumiseal mixture and it works great and especially if you have bead locks. But if your going to do it you might as well and do it right. Start fresh and enjoy the season with less stress.
  3. With the right paddle set up similar to a funco this car looks like it would handle awesome and should require little turning brake action. Nice build.
  4. For what it is worth.... This is a major step in the right direction for these machines. With all the big cars out there and when I say big cars I mean the Buckshot X5's, Tatums, Racer Engineering, Trick Racing, and Extreme cars that are pushing 35" to 37" tires they severely tear up the dunes with major ruts that every side x side to date has had issues conquering with out head jolting the driver and passenger. The dilemma has always been that the tire size on these machines is 29" and less so no matter how much travel you have the holes left behind by these big cars is just to much for that small of a tire to over come. That being said this X3 comes with 30" tires and 24" of travel. This is unmatched by any of the competition. That little bit will totally change just how well this machine will perform. Plus a little bit of additional weight sometimes helps with the ability to push through mild chop of the dunes. That being said this is still no sand car by any means but when compared to a sand car of a similar price range you have to be a smart enough person to realize that you are buying a car that is going to have weaker links such as 930 cv's, bus trans, or under powered motor for the size. CV's, axles, or transmission repairs cost 10x's the amount of a belt. So while there is deals out there you can't beat the out of the box fun you get with these upper class side x sides. Plus financing is king in this world anymore so that is the reason for the push and the high dollar these carts bring because of the ease of getting one. I just personally hope that people respect what they are getting and don't buy this thing because can am releases a video of it flying through the air. I have noticed that with the rise in side x sides in our sport there has been a major increase in accidents as well. 99% of such accidents coming from non experienced drivers putting these machines in a situation that ends in a wreck. I am definitely looking forward to the start of the new season. Here's to a safe start of a new year of riding.
  5. Must be a Nevada thing?!? Here in Cali a dealer knows the value of a dollar and with all the TAXES we pay most of them bend over backwards for your business regardless of whether its a unit, service, or part. Glad you found someone who cares because not riding is no fun especially when most of us invest more than our fair share into the sport that supports these businesses.
  6. Hands down one of the best seasons I have had in awhile. The weather wasn't scorching like the couple years prior and the wind was fairly mellow. We had about 5 great trips. Its unfortunate to see the passing of the few duners who had accidents and the injuries that where posted. But hopefully this is lessons for everyone looking to enjoy next seasons riding. Dumont is my home away from home and I don't want to lose it. Lets hope that safety evolves that little bit more to help eliminate the fatalities associated with our sport and that to me in conjunction with some respect for the equipment being operated will keep Dumont as the family fun place we all love to come to and enjoy.
  7. One of the sickest trips I have been on in a long time. Dune rides where super fast paced and we took single beer breaks. lol. Total blast and can't wait for Easter. Hope to see everyone there.
  8. I showed up Friday. When I pulled in I was stopped for my trailer plate that I keep in the trailer due to theft issues. Once I explained this to the ranger. He was ok. What bubbled me though is that he threatened me with a drug K9 asking if I had anything he should know about in front of my 10 year old. I have a clean record and am an upstanding citizen. He didn't have to go that route. Especially with no probable cause. I was disappointed with his approach with me over a simple plate. All in all he left his dog in the cruiser and let me go. Seems like he was just fishing. Did the same to another friend of mine. Could have been worse so I will say I'd rather deal with that and have them there to get rid of the problems so we keep our dunes.
  9. Car is getting fixed to rip. New sway bar & New header. Can't wait for the first ride. Watch out for the Silver Bullet!!!!
  10. Had an awesome trip. Was nice having the run of the dunes with not so many people. Blew a crack in my header into a giant hole which will need some serious CPR but at least it happened on the last day. Looking forward to New Years for sure.
  11. Home Sweet Home! Wednesday to Sunday!!!!
  12. I pulled up and parked my Truck with a bunch of friends who we brought for the first time and right were we parked on the back row since it was fairly late already there was a hole that everyone was using to turn around and restart there cruise back down the line. This guy in the RZR came flying through there with a sheriff RZR in lighting him up and siren a blazing. Then the expedition truck joined in and he attempted to go back down the back side of the last row but when they started getting more rangers he boned out up and over banchee hill. I was laughing my a$$ off at this guy as he was doing whatever he could do to not get the RZR pit maneover put on him. The only thing was he definitely didn't care about anyone around him so hopefully an innocent wasn't hurt in the MAYHEM.
  13. Just thought I would add a major safety tip for all riders. Don't ride beyond your skill level. A lot of us seasoned veterans can drive at a very smooth fast pace. If your struggling to keep up then its time to slow down. I remind everyone that its not a race. The dunes were here before us and will be here after us.
  14. It is very sad to learn about a fellow dune patron losing their life in an accident. It is amazing how tight the dune community is and how we all feel the loss with out personally knowing the victim. As a whole we do support one another. It is by knowledge and caring for these unfortunate events that further prevent them from happening. It is also what brings us closer together when it comes to standing up for our right to offroad because we all know that each and every person that has lost there life in an offroad accident would not have changed a thing and if the shoe was on the other foot they would be supporting one of us. I like everyone else am extremely sorry for your loss and hope that someday it becomes easier.
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