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New Years weekend report


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New Years was a blast got out a little later than anticipated but got there. Road in wasn't to bad got to where we camped at unloaded set up the car



The kids were already geared up ready to go took it out for a quick ride and the dunes were still damp a little like always.



Had a blast later on in the day though saw a jeep that rolled over IMG_3973.JPGIMG_3974.JPG


Unsure of any injuries but no flight or ambulance so pray all is well. A lot of stuff being towed though from dirt bikes to rails seemed like a lot more than usual. All in all was a great trip this time around IMG_3976.JPGIMG_3975.JPG


Even the in-laws came out and had some fun IMG_3984.JPGIMG_3986.JPGIMG_3987.JPGIMG_3988.JPGIMG_3995.JPG


as the night winded down got kinda windy so we did an early toast so the in laws could get back home. We hung out for a bit then off to bed only to get woken up by everyone's fireworks which was an awesome display on some of the surrounding camps.  Again had a blast can't wait to get out there again. How was everyone else's that went out. 

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It was a quick turn around weekend for us, since we had just been there for 6 days, home for 4, then back out for 3 more. 

The dunes were like night and day, amazing what 4 days and a bunch more people does to the dunes, especially when they are wet. But we figured that coming in and were mainly headed back out to spend time with friends.


We got pulled over on Dumont Rd coming in, we were harassed, but not given any ticket. We had a light bar in the grill on coming down the rd, even though it is a dirt rd, going to an off road area, it is not legal until after the pay station.


Rolled into camp and unloaded just in time for the fights!


Up early the next day, got a couple runs in. Man that stuff was tore up and choppy! I was so thankful for my new power steering. Then we made the last sunset ride of 2016.


It was back to camp to get our New Year party started! And it was a great one! Adam brought his DJ equipment out and we danced our asses off with our live DJ. Shasta had so much fun chasing the dj lights, she had a "light hangover" the next day. But man she was a happy party dog! There were tons of laughs and most made It until midnight.


Sunday brought on a day of relaxing with the football games. And we tried to go on a ride, but there were so many people having a great time ripping Up the sand, that we couldn't get a good line and flow, so we went back to camp to try again later, for the first sunset run of 2017! And it was a good one! 


Sunday night the winds picked up and started howling. So we had a football party in our hauler and still had a great time.


Monday the winds continued to scream, so we had a late breakfast and hauled ass through the packing up, before heading home to wait for two more weeks until we can return again for MLK.







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