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6th Annual Buggy Roundup


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3 hours ago, Sandwichmaker said:

I'm new to the dunes and don't have a sand toy yet but I can bring Fireball and rum!   I'm leaving my camper here and hopping in with a guy and girl with a 4 seat RZR.   


Is there anything else I can bring?  

🤣Sounds like you are all set up. See ya there. 

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It's looking like a huge turnout this year. I'll be pulling in Thursday night. I think @sandmandan will be the first one there, arriving Wednesday (today). 


Just a quick reminder and heads up for the weekend plans. 


Friday: nothing set in stone other than duning and hanging out since most everyone will be arriving that day/ night.


Saturday morning: Once you get up and moving, I'd like to try out something new this year. Sandcars and coffee in the morning. Gas up and pull your cars into the middle of camp. It'll be sort of a show & shine or cars and coffee type deal. We won't get duning until it warms up a tad, but this will be a good way to meet some new faces, check out each other's buggies, and get motivated for the day.


Saturday: dune runs, maybe weigh a few buggies with Ben's scales again (thats always fun), group photo, huckfest, etc


Saturday night: TACOS! 🌮 We'll be grilling up a ton of polllo & carne asada for everyone. This is completely free for everyone in camp. Donations/ contributions are greatly appreciated this year since many of our site sponsors have fallen off. If you have some salsa, chili, beans, whatever goes well with tacos, please feel free to bring it and add it to the spread. It's not necessary though. I have everything for tacos and chips. 


Saturday night :I think Chad is going to order the UFC fight and project it so please throw him a couple bucks if you'd like to watch it.


FIREWOOD! Bring some if you can. I know camp get's huge and sometimes the walk can suck, but let's try to do one big fire for everyone instead of 25 satellite fires. :laughing: 


FLIPCUP! I have a table, canopy, lights and plenty of cups for some good old fashion rounds of flipcup. Don't know wtf flipcup is? You will. :beerpint:


Sunday: Mimosas with Bert. We'll be cruising up to the Memorial Hill to visit our friend, Bert's memorial. ( @sanddunesaddict ) We're gonna have a small morning beverage and toast to Bert. Once that champagne wears off, a memorial dune run will follow. I know he'd appreciate and love that. 

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2 hours ago, dunefreak said:

Barely any rain in Vegas. A few guys are out there already but I don't think they've been in the dunes yet. Weather sounds like Vegas weather though, overcast and pretty nice out. 

Great!! See ya soon.

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