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  1. FREE scrap plywood for firewood

    There aren't very big pieces. They are all 4x8 sheets where large shapes have been CNC'd out of them.
  2. MD Fabrication in Henderson, NV gets rid of tons of 3/4" plywood scraps almost daily. They pay to have it hauled away. If anyone would like to pick some up for projects or firewood, you are more than welcome to it at any time. I spoke with the owner, Mike, today and he said some by and grab as much as you want. I know plywood isn't the best for firewood, but it's better than nothing and burns hot. MD Fabrication 1222 WigwamPkwy Henderson, NV 89074 Take as much as you want, but please don't make a mess. He said whatever is outside is free for whoever wants it.
  3. Cleanup weekend 2018

    I hope Dumont doesn't get much (or any) rain on Thursday. The rest of the weekend forecast is looking great though.
  4. Cleanup weekend 2018

    LOTS of great donations this year.
  5. Sponsors Needed for Dumont Cleanup

    Thanks bud
  6. Let's help Jason make this year's cleanup a great one. If you or your business can help out this year, please take a look at his post below. It's that time of year again and Friends of Dumont Dunes needs your help! FoDD is in need of sponsors and/or donations for the quick draw prizes following the clean up that is scheduled for March 24th. We are hopeful that you and your company will be willing to contribute again. Your donations are tax-deductible as The Friends of Dumont Dunes (FODD) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) public charity (EIN# 91-2172404) dedicated to the promotion of outdoor recreation in the Dumont Dunes area. Last year we had a little over 150 people come out to participate. Let's make this the biggest and best one yet! Here is a link to the article with photos from our clean up last year as well as some attachments for your review. http://www.dumontduneriders.com/…/15th-annual-dumont-clean…/ Give FoDD a like on Facebook as well! https://www.facebook.com/groups/friendsofdumontdunes/ We are looking for the following Trophy Sponsors: We will be having four (4) available at $100 each. They will be "Most Trash Collected by an Individual", "Most Trash Collected by a Group", "Largest Item Found" and "Strangest Item Found". Your company name and logo will be added to the trophy as the sponsor and mention of your company during the event and listed as a sponsor! Quick Draw Prizes Sponsor: We are looking for any item(s) that your company would be willing to donate for us to raffle off at the end of the event. These items are not limited to "off-road". They can include anything used by the camping or off-road community and even family-friendly items! In years past we have received off-road parts, radios, pop up chairs, coolers, travel mugs, company swag like hats, shirts & koozies, gift certificates and much more! Your company name will be mentioned during the event and listed as a sponsor! Financial Sponsors: We provide the BBQ lunch for all of those who participate and as a non-profit, this is one of our most expensive and challenging events! The food and everything that goes with it (plates, napkins, utensils, bottled water, etc.) normally range between $600-$800 per clean up. Any and all financial sponsors are greatly appreciated as they truly make it possible for us to make this event happen! Your company name will be mentioned during the event and listed as a sponsor! If you have any questions please contact me directly at (760)792-0821 or by email. Any items that you would like to donate I can make arrangements for pick-up or they can be shipped to my company's address below C\O Friends of Dumont Dunes. All checks are to be made payable to Friends of Dumont Dunes. Thank you for your time and support! Jason Ardenski - President Friends of Dumont Dunes Contact Friends of Dumont Dunes Jason Ardenski Owner Impact Signs 15370 Cholame Rd. Suite 3 Victorville, CA 92392 760.843.9000 - Phone 760.843.9002 - Fax www.impactsignsonline.com - Website sales@impactsignsonline.com - E-Mail
  7. Baker to Vegas

    Saturday and Sunday?
  8. March 2018 Dune Pic of the Month

    March 2018 Dune Pic of the Month, "I missed the Pot O' Gold!", submitted by @ynot
  9. Cleanup weekend 2018

    Make it happen Jack! It's been way too long.
  10. March Dune Pic of the Month


    Must have bumped your head again. Knock it off, Mark!
  12. March Dune Pic of the Month

    Just two? Any others? It's gonna be a long summer at this rate. lol
  13. HONSAKI 500R

    One of a kind machine right there. Very nice!
  14. March Dune Pic of the Month

    Post up a pic for March Dune Pic of the Month Dune Pic of the Month Rules 1. The picture must be YOURS. You cannot post any photos you did not take. 2. The picture must not have any watermarks or logos on it. 3. The picture must be at least 600 x 600 pixels. 4. The picture must abide by the rules of this board and be DUMONT related. 5. By posting a photo, you allow DDR to use it on our webpages & social media.
  15. Cleanup weekend 2018

    Who's heading out for cleanup weekend? It'll likely be a season closer for me. As much as I love the dunes, I have many plans this spring and summer and it'll be time to hang it up until October. FoDD's new prez, Jason (@JeepingJay36) has some great ideas and big plans this year so it should be a fun one. I'm just looking forward to some nice, sunny weather out in the dunes. Everything else will just be a bonus. Hope to see many of you guys out there. Cleanup: Saturday, March 24th, 8AM