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  1. The film crew guy tagged us on Instagram. I always love seeing the behind the scenes stuff.
  2. This was filmed out at Dumont. I don't know the story behind it all, but it's always cool to see our sandbox in vidoes.
  3. It appears I never locked this thread and IrnBear actually pulled ahead and took the win afterward Steve won so I will put his pic up as June DPOM.
  4. What do you mean? The classifieds are hoppin! Happens every summer. Nobody goes out to the dunes, therefore there's very little activity and new posts. We keep the lights on though. Also, social media has killed the general chat type discussion, even during the season. Not only here, but on many forums. Some sites haven't even survived. We still get plenty of traffic though. Most people just want to read, rather than post. Doesn't really help the situation.
  5. Talk about an amazing experience. Blake Wilkey and his bud Cory Coneen got the royal treatment visiting Qatar. This isn't a short video by an means so grab a drink, put it on full screen or even better, stream it to the big screen and crank it up. Pretty rad video!
  6. Hope to see you back out there next season. It's good you're staying busy, but sometimes you've gotta make fun and relax time a priority.
  7. Hell yeah. I'm looking to pick up a Sprinter van and do a minimalist adventure van build for moto, MTB and everything else we get into outside of dune season. I can't wait. Got my parts list already started.
  8. These were actually Polaris RZRs.
  9. A buddy and I jammed down to Flagstaff this weekend to check out the Overland Expo. Talk about some serious adventure rigs. Some were cool. Others were ridiculous and overkill. Either way it was a good time and we saw some pretty cool stuff. Here are some pics. The rest are on my blog FB page, https://www.facebook.com/livelikepete/photos/?tab=album&album_id=745084242339680
  10. haha nice. Is that one of Yoshi's Sinister cars? I always wonder how they did in the sand.
  11. PICS or it didn't happen.
  12. Has anyone been watching the forecast? It's looking like May is barely going to be seeing the 90's for highs. I think my last trip in March we saw 95°. I'm starting to wonder if I should prep the buggy and get back out there. Yesterday it was in the 60's! Just goes to show this time of year is always unpredictable.
  13. May 2017 Dune Pic of the Month

    Sand Mountain, NV | submitted by @vegas style
  14. Not sure what happened there, but it's fixed now. Go for it.
  15. Vote! IrnBear vegas style HawaiianstyleLV