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  1. Sandrail insurance

    Call my guy and tell em I sent ya. I don't know how high they go, but they insure everything I ask them to. My sandcar insurance is a recreational vehicle policy. Mike Seifer Office, Allstate Talk to Ron Williams , He is the Sr Account Mgr 702-270-4500
  2. World Series

    Satellite is going to be your only way. Looks like it is on Fox channel. If you have never used Dish or Direct TV out at Dumont, it's pretty easy. You can always bring your receiver from home and buy a portable Tailgator satellite. You don't even have to position or set them up. Very easy. Dish Tailgator: http://amzn.to/2xSH0Zm Direct TV Tailgator: http://amzn.to/2xT78D8
  3. Campfire Permits

    Seems the Glamis rangers/ cops are always look for something even if you are obeying all the rules. Can't stand that about Glamis. You can never relax and enjoy the place.
  4. SxS day rides from Dumont?

    Here's a little more info on the mines and how to get there. It's not a very long ride, but it is well worth it if you've never been.
  5. Transmission Problem

    Where are you located? Vegas? It doesn't say in your profile. That's messed up about the pay station. I don't understand what people get out of destroying property.
  6. Campfire Permits

    This isn't new for the state of California. They have always required a campfire permit on forest lands. This permit is not required at Dumont Dunes.
  7. Does the site work well for you?

    We decided against using the shoutbox because of a couple reasons. 1) compatibility with the new software, and 2) not many people would use it anymore. It would be days, sometimes weeks since anyone shouted anything. So we scrapped it.
  8. 06 weekend warrior slc 3905 plus 3ft

    Oh I didn't realize there were two trailers for sale. haha Yes that would remove the ad. You can edit your original post. Just click the edit button at the bottom of that post.
  9. First Trip of the 17/18 Season! 10/13/17

    Looks like it was awesome out there.
  10. Does the site work well for you?

    HA! Classic. And no way would I ever do that.
  11. Does the site work well for you?

    I'm on it!
  12. Water pumper

    Every Thanksgiving.
  13. Omg! Perfect!

    Looks great out there. Heck yeah! Thanks for the update.
  14. Roof on rail

    It should as long as it's mounted in a way so it doesn't rattle.
  15. 06 weekend warrior slc 3905 plus 3ft

    Please click the "Mark As Sold" button (top right of the ad) to remove the ad. Thanks