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  1. dunefreak

    Finally better cell service at D!

    Yeah I have no idea how they go from a very specific completion date to nothing happening and a very loose completion "date" with a 2 month window (April/May). This is what we saw on Sunday from Memorial hill. Just a road going up the mountain which has been done for over a month. No tower though.
  2. dunefreak

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    That's his brake line. I don't think we ever figured out why it broke.
  3. dunefreak

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    Sunday the carnage continued when Rod's daughter found a nice place to park. oops! We all got together and managed to get it out of there and safely back to camp. Glad nobody was hurt! Then we headed up to @sanddunesaddict's memorial and had a mimosa toast to him.
  4. dunefreak

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    I know the bullhorn definitely helped, but I mean STILL! In past years some people never wake up and get moving.
  5. dunefreak

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    Tacos and UFC Some pics from Melissa...
  6. dunefreak

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    Saturday morning run to the north pole, then the buggy weigh-in, then group photo and dune run.
  7. dunefreak

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    Saturday morning all the cars showed up to cars and coffee even if they had to be towed. I still can't believe we got everyone so organized to show up. haha
  8. dunefreak

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    Friday night fun. Burgers, fire, then flip cup hilarity.
  9. dunefreak

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    Then on our afternoon run on Friday, right when I was having so much fun and getting into a groove, I drove my car right into a ole big hole. The pics do no justice, but you could park a small buggy in that hole/ witch's eye that we hit. I broke a lower heim and folded the left tie rod back. I was pretty bummed and thought my weekend was ruined, but thankfully everyone in camp came together, had the parts I needed, and we got it back together. I can't thank you guys enough!
  10. dunefreak

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    We rolled in Thursday night and just left the car in the trailer. Didn't even unload. We just hung out around Theron's fire until it was a little too cold and then went into @bstecki's trailer and played Cards Against Humanity. Friday was gorgeous weather. Sand was a bit damp but fun! We had a good size group for it only being Friday. VID_20181207_095055954.mp4
  11. dunefreak

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    Awesome, Lee!
  12. dunefreak

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    Awesome video that Danny made. Check it out.
  13. dunefreak

    December Dune Pic of the Month

    Need more pics!
  14. A big thanks again to everyone who came out for the 6th Annual Buggy Roundup. This trip gets better and better every year and because of you guys. You really make it what it is. It's great getting together with everybody and meeting some new friends. Between the camp fun with flipcup, card games, crazy smudge pots, buggy weigh-ins, campfire shenanigans, UFC, tacos, cars & coffee, and of course the many dune runs where we had a train of buggies that stretched two miles long from camp to the north pole....what an epic weekend! We counted over 50 buggies when we did sandcars and coffee on Saturday morning! By the way, I can't believe we actually pulled that off. That turned out great and we'll have to do that again next year. @bp-guy and John, @dirtflickarooster, got some aerial shots and those shots turned out awesome. The two below are from John. Much more to come. Post up your pics and highlights from the weekend.
  15. dunefreak

    6th Annual Buggy Roundup

    Barely any rain in Vegas. A few guys are out there already but I don't think they've been in the dunes yet. Weather sounds like Vegas weather though, overcast and pretty nice out.