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YFZ Chick

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    Anything out doors, extreme, dirty. Riding MX and the YFZ, snowbording, wakebording... Anything new, I'm always up for something different.

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  1. I think it is fun to act like you have a radar gun..... I carry around a brick radio everywhere I go for work, and the other day I was posting out at the Score Baja Race in Primm. I was sitting in the command rig all day (which has lights on the top of it) parked facing the road on holding the radio up so it looked like a radar gun , and it was good entertainment for about 45 minutes, watching everyone hit their brakes... Sorry a little bit of a side story that I wanted to share.
  2. Where did you get that picture.. I swear the guy on the far right looks like my uncle.
  3. I love stories like this.... And then....... Dan said........
  4. It the problem starts back up let me know I had a problem like that and had to crack into the throttle to fix it. But not going to go into detail unless I need to.
  5. If thats even think that is right you will need to change your name. Don't listen to your friends, maybe get some new friends, they are just pissed off because you have a better bike.
  6. Did you go to court for the tickets we got back in Feb.? Anyways how was it?
  7. Here is a few with my buddies--- And me cathcing some air ----
  8. No more to Dumont, Sand Hollow, Sand Mountain, and St. Anthonys now, til it cools back off.
  9. :chkn: :no_no: Like you said UFC Beating.
  10. YFZ Chick


    You got to love it--- I thought it was a chick because it had red lips, unlike the original.
  11. Santa really knows how to take a good picture.
  12. This has got to be a centerfold, the photography, the facial expression,the postioning, It's perfect. I'm going to send it in.
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