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  1. Sandmam, It was good to meet you all except for the circumstances. Hope to see you all out there again next season. Thanks for the dinner invite, sorry we didn't make it over. These guys were lucky you all were there, you all went above and beyond! Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  2. Updated Coroner's report, now lists them as occupants instead of driver and passenger, so someone was able to get ahold of them to notify them of the mistake. The passenger had said his 1st name was Sergio.
  3. I agree...I don't think many people know it, but there are some nice information pamphlets at the info kiosk at the exit. They have laws, rules, hazards, etiquette, emergency info, etc... Even the DDR site is listed as a reference and as providing some of the info included in the pamphlet. BUT they are at the exit and how many people have stopped at that info kiosk?? I agree, that info should by the entrance and the ticket machines. I think those pamphlets could be mailed with and handed out with the season passes also. Still can't force people to read it...and in this specific instance, not sure how well anyone in this group could read English. There wasn't a pass in the window of the Jeep left at the Ranger station, so doubt any of them bought a pass or stopped at the info kiosk. Also, the little dunes info kiosk is at the entrance, it lists hazards, but didn't have the pamphlets. The info is there, just not many know about it or look for it, maybe it could be suggested to BLM to change the info kiosk area, so it is more accessible and obvious from the entrance side. Or it wouldn't be too complicated to add a little box at the pass machines to hold the existing pamphlets with a "take one" sign. Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  4. Just asked the BLM fire at the exit if he knew any info on the condition of the guy who was flown out, he knew about the accident but no update. The guy was flown to Vegas, probably UMC. A Jeep of theirs is at the Ranger station, temp tags from Cali. Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  5. Some of them spoke a little English, but hard to tell how much they understood. There were 7 in the group and all Asian descent, some were family and some friends. They came out in a truck and a jeep or 2 with flatbed trailers. They looked to just be here for the day, not camping. The other rig they had was farm/hunting equipment, camo Polaris Ranger I think it was. The guys were all wearing camo print outfits and hiking boots, no helmets or goggles so looked more like trails were their thing. Someone said the Can Am was new to them, so new toy and new to the dunes seems to be the consensus. They were doing donuts near another camp and had to be asked to stop, that was just before the crash and the camp who asked them to stop saw the crash, that is how they knew where the camp was to tell them what happened. Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  6. This shows the side/back of the dune they went off. Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  7. That was a face hill by bathroom 9, they were camped straight down from there and if the people at camp had been looking that direction they would have been watching it happen. Looks like they drove right past it, so one would guess they saw it, but maybe they got disoriented being new. They had only been here about 1-2hrs and someone said it was their 1st trip, but hard to know for sure with the limited English. Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  8. Talked to some of the 1st on scene who helped get them out of the vehicle and they realized a mistake of who was driver and passenger, looks like the driver is the fatality. They said they would contact the PD to correct that for their reports. Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  9. Hard to say if helmets would have helped, one had massive head injuries, but also had neck injury and likely internal injuries. The other who was transported had head injuries and also back injury as he couldn't feel below the chest, also looked like he possibly had a broken leg and arm. Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  10. Some of the 1st on scene said they were about 20ft in the air, fully rotated, then landed full force on roof. Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  11. You can vote from a phone, just have to use the browser ... I just did and it worked, showed my vote counted... Edit: your link in the 1st post doesn't work from mobile...I used the one Rap_rider posted above to get to their product page then clicked the link that is shared there..maybe this will work....try this link to vote from a phone... https://www.facebook...ref=ts&refid=17
  12. Up to $1000.... " The cost for violating the law can be expensive. It is a misdemeanor which is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and imprisonment in the county jail for up to 6 months. If you get a ticket, a fine will be assessed and you will be assessed demerit points on your license. In addition, your driver’s license may be suspended if you are involved in a crash, and you may serve time in prison if you hurt or kill someone. "
  13. My bad, I totally missed Christina's post and even looked again lol... Well, I'll be following the rails on a quad as I don't care much for being a passenger... Feel free to join us.
  14. Are you talking to me ^...I'm Kristin and don't think a Christina is going... I'll be camped with Joe Duner down by bathroom 3...look for Jims purple Funco rail...I'll be on a white LTR following the rails, feel free to join any ride.
  15. What was the width across the front before and after? Congrats, I can't wait till I can do shocks on my quad.
  16. Maybe Apex/Nellis Dunes or Amargosa Dunes would better...no fees, stickers, no law enforcement... Dumont sucks
  17. They had to stage it before the big holiday so they could sneak past the dog and cook enough meth for the new years crowd!!
  18. That is probably how he broke it off lol..
  19. Agreed... I'd rather there be more education.. like better signs, pamphlets with passes and registration stickers, or for LEO to hand out...than enforcement, wouldn't need the involvement of LE if people were better educated...but TWB said it well, can't teach respect. Bob is too busy trashing the dunes to be debating
  20. Hmmm.... It was suggested to drive up to a camp that is packing up that looks to be leaving their trash, get out and take a picture of the trash and license plates and make sure to get a good look at the driver(s) to be able to later identify the subjects and "that usually scares the hell out of them and they pick up their sh*t before they go"....but 1 or 2 LEO's can't approach the same camp, because it might have 10-20 people that "maybe drunk or drugged out"??? Don't forget that they likely have guns! I thought it was determined in the drug dog thread that there is not a drug problem at Dumont ....and I'd sure hope that people getting ready to leave and drive on the highway with those big a$$ trailers aren't drunk...
  21. Here is my point...not that anyone cares though.... It isn't so much about trash in general being left behind since "that isn't going to get the dunes closed" though it "will make it harder to keep the area open" (??)... but for me it is about the specific items that are being left...a knife, nails, large wood staples, sharp pieces of metal, rebar, broken glass, a screwdriver, sharp pumpkin carving tools...I wouldn't like to run over these items and get a flat on the truck, trailer, sandrail or quads and have my weekend ruined and cost me money for repairs, because some idiot left all these items in the camping area. I also wouldn't like for me, my dogs or kids (if I had kids) to get injured on these items.
  22. Terry, That is what I thought but wanted to hear it from someone with "experience and authority" ...and people need to know what the process would be... I don't think many are willing to file a report in their name or to testify if needed or to approach a camp and be obvious about taking pics of license plates and trash piles being left...maybe I'm wrong, but I personally won't be looking for that conflict.
  23. Will the Rangers follow up and actually do something if someone is reported as leaving trash??? What's the phone # to make the report? ....But someone has to be there to see it being left, chase down the truck to get a plate and make the call to the Rangers...and pick up the trash...this pile was left from Halloween weekend, guessing from the pumpkin pieces and carving supplies, we picked it up 3 weeks later...nobody cleaned it up in that time, something tells me not many people are going to get plate #'s and report it either. But every little bit helps, right?
  24. Seems like it would be common sense to clean up after yourself...but obviously it isn't. Seems like it would be common decency to clean up a pile of trash you find left by the pigs who don't respect our land and don't seem to realize they are the reason our riding areas get closed, but that doesn't seem to be common knowledge either cause we were asked "are you guys just good samaritans or what, why are you cleaning that up?".... This guy and his young kids were camped about 20ft from this pile of trash and didn't think to clean it up, but he asked why and maybe learned something...he did haul the trash out since it was hard for us to carry back to our camp with quads and we weren't camped close by... Maybe we educated another person and his future duners...be a good example and you might make a good influence on others. So how do we get the word out to people who aren't on forums and don't know about the issues and likely don't know about the annual cleanup event and don't know about "pack it in, pack MORE out"???
  25. He listed a Raptor 700 and an LTZ400 as the quads, those are both full size quads and both heavy...I had an ltz, its 425lbs dry. I think he means they are his kids quads, not that they are kid sized quads as in an 80 or similiar..
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