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    06 chevrolet silverado crew cab Z71
    23' Attitude Toyhauler
    8x16 open trailer
    05 raptor 660
    05 honda trx 450r
    07 honda trx 450r
    05 raptor 80
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  1. RIP AL u will b missed,best ribs i ever had...
  2. i'm busting my every day after work & gng 2 sleep late trying 2 get my 125 ready 4 the reggatta...i should be there with my son & a couple of friends...see u guys out there...
  3. I actually took a pic of the dirt bike accident but can upload from my phone I had a bad feeling when I seen the rangers doing cpr on him non stop even when they drove him off so the air support could fly him out....also on Thursday I believe a rail flipped over on the hills close 2 the bowl,rode my quad 2 see if they were ok & thank god they were,they flipped the rail over & drove off & I guess nothing happens 2 the rail because I saw it on the dunes during the wknd...I also took a pic off that incident..will post when I get my lap top...sad 2 hear the rider on the dirt bike didn't make it RIP..
  4. i had a gr8 wknd with the group,glad no deaths on the roll over on sat night @ comp...
  5. i might b going with jorge loco....i need my sad fix.....
  6. very sad 2 know we lost 1 more duner....rip jesse....& hope theres a fast recovery on u r sis carlos..
  7. voted again 49% 1,595votes...
  8. i should be out there presidents weekend...
  9. got my vote...41% (440 votes)
  10. sorry to hear that,my prayers go to all the loved ones...
  11. we r not sure what day we r taking of but it will b either wens r thu 4 shoooo..that will b our open season 4 us...
  12. hell ya pato we will b out there 4 sure 2 make a big azz group...
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