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  1. Just got back from a great Presidents Day Weekend at Dumont. Had the best trip so far in my Buckshot Bullet now pushing 10 pounds of boost into my 2.2L Ecotec. I can not say how awesome the guys down at CBM are for putting this package together for me and the support I have gotten from day one. Anyone that is looking for a new motor or upgrades to their existing motor needs to go to CBM. I am a 100% satisfied customer with a smile on my face to prove it. Looking forward to a mid March trip were I can really hit the dunes hard with less of a crowd.
  2. Neal the pics were awesome. I will get with you soon for purchase. Thanks again.
  3. That is insane. People forget that these are still entry level pieces of equipment. Even professional equipment would find it hard holding up to a landing like that.
  4. My car broke down on the first dune ride. So i switched to Jack and coke and rode shotgun the rest of the weekend. Spent more time down by the creek drinking and letting the dogs tear up and down the water. All in all had a great time being with all my friends.
  5. Thats what i said. This thing is hilarious. When the driver gets to comphill the rear passengers are still back at camp .
  6. Absolutely. I pay for a yearly pass that says i should have free range to do what i want in the dunes. Total BS that the BLM is doing this. All they do is create problems. Never have i ever had a good expeirence with BLM. i vote that they go!!!!
  7. We will be there for sure. Looking forward to a weekend at the dunes.
  8. The wild cat 4 looks like a 2 seater rearended another 2 seater. The wheelbase on the thing is beyond ridiculous. Arctic cat needs to try again on this one.
  9. Google just slap the crap out of GoPro!!!
  10. Is it time to leave yet. I am itching to get the F out of dodge!
  11. I will tell you that some of my best dumont memories are broken down in camp with a good cocktail. But having the buggy does top the list. .
  12. I went for MLK and i am deprived. I would live there if they'ed let me.
  13. You will miss your buggy in dumont. One of the best places for sand cars in the USA. Some dunes put SxS under big loads at dumont if the sand is fresh. On a big weekend everything gets mowed down and so its not so bad. Bring the buggy if you can though cause you will regret not having it.
  14. My rhino and rzr s liked 4x4, but the xp can do both because of the power.
  15. I have ran SxS in both configurations for different types of riding. Regardless of 4x4 or 2x4 a proper duner knows that momentum is what keeps us on our wheels when sliding the side of a dune. Most of these roll overs are due to someones continued efforts to force a out of power machine up and acrossed a dune face rather then just turn down and try again. When your forward velocity suffers then the downward gravity takes over. Most of these incidents come from lack of exp behind the wheel. Some of us skated by with out this happening while some of us aren't so fortunate.
  16. Had a great time out at the dunes. Hardly anyone there. Had some very fast paced rides with me and my buddy chasing me in his racer truck. In fact i had so much fun that on monday when i left i decided to take one more dune ride instead of leaving and going to work. Karma kicked in and i got stuck leaving. Still a day stuck in the dunes is better then a day stuck in the office. Hope to see everyone presidents!
  17. Here's my toy that i enjoy when i am not at Dumont. No its not the bike its the green 53 chevy.
  18. I have the silver car with the bright yellow green buckshot racing stickers on the side. you have a pic of my car leaving the south and north pole. I was in the group with the Racer trucks and the big black trick car. Look forward to seeing you out there. We need to catch a ride.
  19. Congrats to Kurt Casselli American bike rider. He won stage 7. Rookie year. It not just about Robby.
  20. Real nice car. Your about 6 months late for me. I was in the market.
  21. I will be there with a bunch of families. We are all in Cars so if you see a fast ride going on then jump in cause that's us.
  22. I skipped the part that you said you will be there January 18th. I should be out there that trip also. Cool to see someone making something out of a good time. I look forward to doing business with you soon.
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