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My newest money pit fun toy


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I picked this up last week and have had a ton of fun with it. It is a DJI Phantom 1 Quadcopter. I am still learning how to fly it smoothly but it will come with time I guess. I have my gopro mounted to it with no stabilization added to it yet. I don't want to put more money into it just yet till I know I won't have a huge crash and break all my stuff.

I have had a few minor crashes so far but nothing too bad. Had it up a tree, had a few rough landings but for the most part this is very easy to fly. It has GPS on board so if you get scared you just let go of the sticks and it hovers right there. Plus if your can't see it or cant tell which way is forward of backward, one flip of a switch and it comes home by its self and lands!

Here is a video I made yesterday, I landed kind of hard messing with a seagull and broke one leg of the landing gear. I have another piece on order so I will be out of commission for a few days. All in all this is a blast and can't wait to get it to the desert.

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I am flying blind. I was close enough to see where it was pointed and it has marker lights to help orientate it while flying. When it gets far away it gets harder to do that. I am looking into a setup where I can see what I am doing on a small screen or goggles but those setups are $300+.

These are addicting so be careful if you get one. But fun as hell to play with.

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very nice, I will have to call santa up. what was the exact model # I see all different types, the one with the lcd screen on remote looks pretty cool, a little pricy but bitchen. last question the one hovering over comp hill last weekend was all lit up at night, is this option on your quad copter. my fingers are itching to pull the trigger on ebay, thanks

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Its like comparing coke and pepsi. Both companies make a good product. I chose DJI after watching tons of youtube videos and reading a lot in chat forums on both copters.

SP2- There is a company called Fatshark, it has goggles you wear that you can see exactly what your copter is doing, you mount a tiny camera next to your gopro and it sends live images to the goggles so its like your in the copter flying it realtime.

Modifications on these are pretty easy too. I have carbon fiber blades that just arrived and will be going on next. The stock ones flex a lot and lose some thrust due to that. I might step up the motors soon to make it faster. It goes about 20mph, I can go faster but I need to get altitude and then come down as I move forward. That isn't too good for filming.

I don't want a stunt mode on my copter, If I crash it I will be pretty bummed. The return to home feature is the best thing on it so far. I have taken out to where I can't see or hear it. Flip the switch and it comes back and lands at my feet. The only thing is you need to watch your flight time, I can get 10-11 minutes just hovering around and such. But as soon as you start making crazy movements and going high that's where you kill the battery and I can fly for about 6-7 minutes. So if your too far out and try to return home and lose battery power it will just land where it is because the battery died. Extra batteries are $25. I have 7 now, lol

Either one you choose you will have fun.

I will take some pictures of mine and post some soon.

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I'm using the Phantom 1 also. Really need to spend more time flying it and getting better with it. I have the Fatshark First Person View (FPV) google but haven't gotten comfortable using them. Attached video (2:00 mark) shows a little but of using it at camp and North Pole. One of the off weekends I need to practice at Comp. Really have to be careful flying over people.

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