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MLK Weekend Report 2018

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Although the dunes were damp from the recent rain, I was loving every minute of duning this weekend. The sand had some good traction, but had just enough slide factor and was even dry and fluffy in some areas. Our dune runs were fast! Leading was much easier this weekend with all those distinguished lines. We had a nice sized camp of 8 rigs or so. The weather was awesome! I didn't take as many good pics as usual, but grabbed a handful of quick pix with my phone and point & shoot camera.







Banshee Wars/ 4 Stroke Wars drew quite a crowd. The wet sand allowed them to park a bunch of RVs over at Banshee Hill. 



MMM, fancy cheese! Thanks Rod! (@Mustache Motorsports)



We set up our roof tent to show everyone how it worked. Since it was up, Anna and I relaxed in it for a bit. It's like our own hammock in the sky. 





@RUn2it & @FE135 talked about the good ole days after Lee busted out some cool old photos from the hill climbs in the 70's. It's funny how many of the dunes are still the exact same shape. 





Rod & Blake put on nice G52 Funco show! Neal didn't miss a beat and grabbed his camera for some shots. I only managed to snap a couple. 







After our dune run on Saturday, we stopped on the sunset hill.




Those Banshees went at it until the sun went down. 




Neal duned his FJ up the hill. He got pretty close to us after a couple attempts. 




The sunset didn't disappoint as usual. 



After the sun went down, Supercross went up! Thanks for setting it all up Chad (@Dent boy)



@JVZ still had a Christmas tree to burn. I love watching those go up!





Race gas in the sand. :blury:



"Doc" tweekin on something. :lol:I snuck a pic in. 



Sunday morning we had perfect weather again. It was a very chill day.





A small group of us went on a nice, slow "champagne cruise" from the south end to the north pole.



I brought out stuff for breakfast mimosas at the north pole. Between the 6 of us, we all had a nice little toast to the great weekend. We hung out and enjoyed the nice weather for a while out there. We were in no rush to head back. This has become a new tradition on dune runs over the last year. 




I was surprised how many people were out there on a Sunday. Most people seemed to have Monday off. That's probably why.





Anna relaxed in her "don't bother me chill zone" :grin:




We stayed until the sun went down. Jason (@JeepingJay36) fired up his smoker and made everyone some bomb ass BBQ burgers!



A couple last photos before heading out. Great weekend!









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We had a great weekend as well! 

Nice quiet camp of 4 rigs. The older I get the more I seem to enjoy these small intimate camps. 

We rolled in on Friday night and made quick work of unloading and campfire visiting. I received a new camera for Christmas from both sets of parents, I have had my eye on getting an upgrade for several years now, it finally came into price range for everyone to contribute to. So I was excited to get it out and take some starry sky pics..... I read a ton of stuff online to see how to set it up.... people online aren't always right... EPIC FAIL!!! :stick_smack:



But there was always tomorrow and Sunday to try again. I was now a bit worried on action shot set up!! 

We visited around the campfire for a couple more hours before turning in. Excited for the next day of riding. 

Mike was up in the early morning, and I slept a little later, after breakfast, we headed out on the morning ride, with Joe Duner in the lead! We were waiting for everyone in camp to be ready, so we stuck to the big stuff behind comp. This has become my favorite side now! I got a nice jump, and then immediately got a transmission light! NO!!!! But then it went away. Something to do with jumping, belt spinning, landing, no gas, belt needed to engage...???... :blury:Only had one other problem and that was backing up and then she got stuck in reverse and wouldn't go into gear, but this was also explained in the above manner :laughing: and nothing to worry about, but just in case I am having clutch serviced. I made a joking comment about having another shop work on it and paid for that comment, with roosting all the next ride. All in good fun of course!


The rest of our group was finally ready and we were off rallying through the dunes. Mike became known to knock riders off quads and dirt bikes this weekend with his Tatum roost!! As two different people fell victim to it! 


We took a lunch break and Neal came over to visit and wanted to check out my new camera. He then spent a great deal of time setting it up correctly and giving me some awesome pointers and lessons! I can not thank him enough for his time and assistance, It was time to get some hands on lessons, so Mike was happy to oblige!




We all loaded up and went on a cruise, hitting every single speck of sand in Dumont, in one run and a couple twice. Or so it seemed. Joe Duner was stepping up Sarah Duner's game! Kid has some serious skills. But that is to be expected being Joe Duner's daughter! As we rolled back into camp, we pooped over the dune to see some double wheelie action going on. Since we hadn't stopped for me to practice my new skills, I grabbed my camera a took a couple shots myself.




Afterward Mike joined the buggy's for a good buggy run, so I kicked back in camp and worked on some homework. Everyone else was working on projects, or napping, so we didn't have a sunset cruise. I was still itching to get these guys doing some action shots! But that will have to wait until tomorrow. Between Neal and my friend, who has the same camera, I was finally able to get a couple decent start shots. I know this camera is capable of better, so I still need practice. But still way better then the epic fail of night one.



More campfire fun and laughter. Then we walked over to Pete's camp to watch the super cross and visit before turning in.

The next day was a repeat of the previous day, but this time I convinced everyone to stop for a photo shoot. Of which I took Neal's advice about getting up in the action, a little to seriously and Mike almost wheelied over me! :dayum: I felt the air on my leg as he dropped down! But it made a great couple of shots!




There was lunch, and more rally's and then the last sunset of the weekend, before more campfire antics and science experiments. 




We got up early on Monday to do one more ride of the weekend! We made that the longest ride of the weekend. We lingered at the north pole for what seemed to be an eternity no one wanting to leave and go home, so we made the ride back to camp as long as the ride to the pole! Even though the sand was wet and the dunes tore up by the end of the weekend, it was still one kick ass weekend in the sand!!!


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So we got out there about midnight a little later than expected thanks to work 27B7AB9E-F7AB-4FDB-AA30-5E282F4F9332.thumb.jpeg.8a83dc1a51d16243b94b3a3a7e61804c.jpegB4CB14D8-97B9-45C5-A604-D0673D174617.thumb.jpeg.7cda1207d81033ee71fa533ecd5b1c64.jpegkids of course were knocked out. 

Next morning got up nice and early kids started playing around camp and I got the paddles on E05E5BB1-2E78-410F-B0AD-F761FBC7E760.thumb.jpeg.7fd8c9d60f0514204c055e3871ea8766.jpegC9FE331F-3564-437E-A363-2990FE83BAEC.thumb.jpeg.4105e13250007f06d5bd7f8defd1fc6c.jpegthey called them their chill pill later on that day got a call from a friend that was meeting up with me and said he blew a tire told him to try and drive it in slow so I could help him fix it FBD15C52-EF6F-4CB8-A477-A8F3B045C4AF.thumb.jpeg.1040fc0edd56cce01c5e061a6e04015e.jpeg0F9AD583-3AC4-49D6-A4F1-BA9AFE4320B2.thumb.jpeg.2b20a026236b34ac923cb73b3b552581.jpegthen took some of them out in the car and had some fun with it F8BC264B-7BB1-4F67-A751-3D7773C8240F.thumb.jpeg.ab10954edc4e5f04bf4f59f265bd0f95.jpegBF3B4B3B-5DA6-44E7-94A7-0AB6FC74CCBC.thumb.png.9846b99415123c5cc50470cf0aec41ed.pngthen took them over to watch the wars going down and parked over on banshee and watched the excitement and so did the kids132FB163-EA1D-49DC-A05B-2E1CFAF8670A.thumb.jpeg.0df0027a25696115c677998a017c3188.jpeg0A65A82B-29BC-4C95-80F4-0EC9B76B042F.thumb.jpeg.2fe74eca6644c0914fba6d6f10d24afd.jpeg158B17BB-BC10-46AD-B7E5-8F7943C0AAD2.thumb.jpeg.f7534f4947714d94ec4b7b2a426535d5.jpegB4A0BD1D-5FC2-43A4-BFF7-BF458782D65A.thumb.jpeg.979bdabe5080623844843d43d51e8b0a.jpegE38A437E-B035-4CF4-87E4-806A262C9341.thumb.jpeg.ae82a1e2f57e55444a80aca9b79fd59d.jpeg3E19D128-FDD3-4A86-A4A7-6E84F5800AF5.thumb.jpeg.60fb49698ffcbfa511289bb2085d7c54.jpeg65E208D5-A2A0-43F8-BFE9-F5C7BDDE1287.thumb.jpeg.da04fcd3311e6d187d0845afc3752750.jpegCCF0E477-3F41-47A7-899F-FA67DDFF4233.thumb.jpeg.a3e982692e19e7edf1ad0a1bd06207c7.jpeg55E95AB8-B657-45D3-97CE-95CCFD18662F.thumb.jpeg.c3a99d1776a61afdc89ec73b0e4a4dbe.jpeg33CD06C5-EC37-49E1-859E-03659445304E.thumb.jpeg.0941fec7eb2d5074f40d51b444459faa.jpeg

3DA91008-EA21-46BB-919A-1E605BA79055.thumb.jpeg.506c6cf159378ad127c673ff97f6b335.jpegsuch a beautiful view. 

Later that night headed over to watch supercross after doing a clutch job on my buddies Rzr. Thanks to Chad for setting the projector up to be able to watch it. C355AF04-493A-46D5-B62E-9010CC125DBD.thumb.jpeg.3f18738eaab1b9cc1058243386ac3dbc.jpeg978C173E-8F34-4136-91CC-866E05932269.thumb.jpeg.acf94e2930a860094d8891072506fb74.jpeg4D01F17E-4376-4C3C-8F83-3F7DCBD678E4.thumb.jpeg.d9d39c7f0e3f205ce08cfb8bd4f44c44.jpegthis little guy fell asleep in less than two minutes riding over to watch supercross. The next day made it out to South Pole and paid a visit to Mista Black 5497FB91-17D6-4E19-93EB-D4FE894706F4.thumb.jpeg.9e8fa90208a43f64fa5c65bd81213ae1.jpegThen took my friend his mom and sister out for a nice ride then the kids 8EA5D864-61DA-43FA-A9AC-D3472351321F.thumb.jpeg.0dfe66f4a6ec4ce8b984257d5852de78.jpeg94982470-5F67-4E54-8C70-ABFE7177EB86.thumb.jpeg.0ad3724dd8cd17b46a947603e5966db1.jpeg56F3F259-514C-433E-B27E-6160FD34B641.thumb.jpeg.53720ef12cb513493b02c3324637dd6f.jpegthen it was time to head home until next time we will be back for presidents EA6B43D5-AD04-4516-89B3-69CF4006EF0F.thumb.jpeg.1f4adcdc9331101ac39ef0f99bce2ac9.jpeg




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