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  1. Today
  2. Found dog, Fri night

    Found a Pit Bull (?) around 9 p.m. red halter. Found scared after the fireworks were going off. Took to the ranger station area.
  3. Found dog, Fri night

    Found a Pit Bull (?) around 9 p.m. red halter. Found scared after the fireworks were going off. Took to the ranger station area.
  4. FREE scrap plywood for firewood

    small cabinets or shelves it is then.
  5. Smooth And Shelfy

    loving the night sky pics!
  6. We lost a Samsung s7 with gold protective case on 03/22/18. Somewhere in the dunes to the rear of com (left side if you were sitting, looking at comp). We know its a long shot but maybe we'll get lucky.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Whip Tech

    Thanks Pete already tried tribal whips had problems with them as well trying 5150s so far so good!
  9. Last week
  10. Found Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

    just saw this Buster. im glad you were already on it, I was going to call you
  11. Cleanup weekend 2018

    I hope Dumont doesn't get much (or any) rain on Thursday. The rest of the weekend forecast is looking great though.
  12. Earlier
  13. 32’ weekend warrior

    WOW...9001 hours on the generator too.
  14. iPhone 6, 64GB, for Verizon $200

    Weekend bump. Can you hear me now?
  15. Baker to Vegas

    Best of Luck to all You f*cked Up in the head folks that feel it necessary to run, even though nothing is chasing you..... Like a Freaking Bear or something....
  16. Sponsors Needed for Dumont Cleanup

    Thanks bud
  17. Not The Most Ideal Conditions

    There's surprisingly numerous camps out here! The dunes have moved significantly and are jacked up from the last time I was here a month ago... Clouds have rolled in, wind and rain spitting. I forgot my contacts and my glasses are making it hard to see bouncing all over... Eh... At least I'm not at home!!!
  18. Overcast But Smooth Dunes!

    It's a bit overcast this morning and there is a good chance of some rain coming in, but Dumont is empty right now and the dunes are nice! feature photo by @sand chick photo below by @sb2fast
  19. March Dune Pic of the Month

  20. Tent Camping

    It's doable. Your biggest hurdle is the wind at night. If you can set your tent up next to a friend's trailer or something to help block the wind, that will help.

  22. 2015 Custom RZR XP1000

    Report post Custom build one of a kind in perfect condition. Original adult owner very low use. 2015 bought brand new build pics available. Custom one off full cage chromoly steel, custom doors, roof, automotive safety glass windshield. Rear 2" integrated receiver hitchCustom suspension seats by Triple X extra wide extra tall with bottom and back seat heaters, on sliders for short or tall folksPRP black 5 point belts with Pull Up to tighten for super easy tightening lap belts.Suspension by Shock Therapy- Completely dialed! re-sprung dual rate upper and lowers all around, new valving, Silent crossover rings, Rear Swaybar and links, nitrogen pressure tested and set. Floats over desert with ease and few just clicks firmer for zero bottoming in the hardest dune G-outs. Super ATV high clearance front arms with new HD Balljoints.Custom rear chromoly high clearance link bars with HD Heim jointsClutch kit by Heelclicker with adjustable weightsTuned ECU to match clutch and tire comboclutch/ belt temp gauge32" Motohammer tires on 16" MSA beadlock rims14X8 and14x10 Casino wheels wrapped w 30" Sand wedge paddles and ribbed fronts for the sand. Brand new-Never even used.Upper and lower lightbars on separate switches, side lights, Third brake light and backup light LED integrated into roof panel Rugged Radio Coms Vertex radio- Car to Car with DSP and Bluetooth, two Carbon behind the head headsets aux speaker for staying tuned in to your group when out of the rig and headsets are off.Dual battery with automatic separator so your never left dead if yo forget to turn off lights or radios.Custom Billet QD Fiberoptic Lighted whip.Billet QD suade steering wheelstorage box in bedFire extinguisher and Quick release mountBillet dash, shifter, and cup holdersupdated clutch cover ventilation and frogskin intake screensAll services fresh and current. Clean Title in hand Over 36K in build. Asking 20K OBO come get it.Call (six zero two)-361- 83seven2.
  23. Dream sand rails

    One that doesnt break all the time and fits in my trailer...
  24. iPhone 5S in silver, 16GB, for Verizon. Very good condition. Freshly wiped and ready to go. Ideal for a spare, or kid's first smartphone. Includes new screen protector (not installed) and a NIB holster case. $75 for everything. Will ship. Dave, 805-558-8026 call or text
  25. Custom arms (pics of the lower). All 4130 tig welded. 1.75" trailing and leading tubes like the orig DS arms pictured above. Leading tube is entirely inner sleeved. Bungs 3" long 4130. The ends are outer sleeved with 2". 7/8-14 threaded bungs. Thus, these use FK RSMMX12T heims (approx 55,000# static load) as opposed to the orig smaller heims that come in around 28,000#. Nearly twice the strength of the orig heim setup. So, a pretty damn strong setup. This brings up something I forgot to mention above. If you (or more likely me, eventually, as this hasn't sold) want to use the org wide DS front arms, you will have to drill/re-tap the chassis end bungs on the lower arms for the bigger heims. No big thing, but forgot to mention it above. Both the orig and custom upper arms use the orig size heims as they don't take the pounding of the lower arms. Above pics with arms on the car are the orig wide DS arms. Also added a pic attempting to show what rear tubes are only tacked in place (makes it easier to install whatever engine/exhaust/transaxle/fuel cell combo you choose)
  26. 05 Suspensions Unlimited

    Closed deck. The 24 is Max boost, if it goes over 24 it shuts off, a is set at 17 pounds of boost, B is set at 22
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