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  1. Yesterday
  2. Let's get this going for next month's Dune pic of the month. Post up one pic. The winner's dune photo will be posted on the site as the July DPOM. Dune Pic of the Month Rules 1. The picture must be YOURS. You cannot post any photos you did not take. 2. The picture must not have any watermarks or logos on it. 3. The picture must be at least 600 x 600 pixels. 4. The picture must abide by the rules of this board and be DUNE related. 5. By posting a photo, you allow DDR to use it on our webpages & social media.
  3. hahahaa it's all good. You're going to see some good bands there, Vic! Awesome
  4. Last week
  5. 28 foot (with tongue) concession trailer for sale, mobile kitchen, fully contained. Large 3 bay steam table (propane) with 12 stainless pans with lids, 6 burner propane industrial stove/oven combo, 2 large freezers, coffee maker, 3 bay stainless sink, separate hand washing sink. full size refrigerator/freezer combo, pepsi fridge and a small fridge. Trailer has bay door at rear of the trailer, side door, small windows and a serving window. Trailer has A/C unit and microwave. Included is 2, 25 gallon propane tanks. It has lots of cabinets and shelves for storage. 2 fresh water storage tanks. 2 deep fryers, large grey water tank. Asking $39,000 OBO call Rusty 661-331-2463
  6. Posted in Oregon Dunes a short report and a few pics of first of June run
  7. Earlier
  8. Of those who might have called in sick and had to recover in the cooler weather and sand that was being spoken of. Jeez Pete keep up!lol I see though that nobody made it though. Bummer, probably was some pristine sand.
  9. Yes my dude it was HOT! Utah seems like it'd hot is coral pink cooler still?
  10. Where is a good place to get info about setting up a Sand Rail with a Honda 3.5. I am very green at setting up this engine in a sand Rail. What do i need to do with the ECU Where is a good source of parts headers, Radiator Etc
  11. I am looking for 12"x15" - 3" setback beadlock rims. Show me what you have. Thank you.
  12. 4 Stroke Wars

    Next Four Stroke Wars is Nov 11 at Dumont Dunes!
  13. I don't know off hand the brand. ill look and get back to you Thank you for looking
  14. TRINITY Racing and IMS stickers, nice condition, almost new
  15. Did it sell??
  16. Is this car still for sale ?
  17. Now we just have to make friends with whoever bought the place ! Congrats on the sale !!
  18. I have a 2008 7' x 16' enclosed trailer, with 30" side door, upgraded siding, rear door with spring assist, tandem 3500# axles w/electric brakes, roof vent and ceiling light. Located near antelope valley, CA. $3500
  19. You should have the place all to yourself. haha Actually I've heard of some people going out in the past over Memorial Weekend. It wouldn't be my first choice, but the mornings will be great!
  20. You add it to the coolant.
  21. All work and no play makes Jack tired guy
  22. Setting up for Memorial Day Weekend 2017, highest it should be is only 98. Lows in the 60's with a calm breeze. should make for an amazing weekend.
  23. Going to need a lot of post editing to get those tracks out of the sand.
  24. Bump open to offers
  25. Hi guys, sorry but I had to move the video to here...
  26. Very nice.
  27. I was a little surprised at the result when voting had still been open. I don't get butt hurt easily so moved on, LOL. I appreciate the the catch. I really do like my Pic. The pic of the month is a pretty cool feature. I know it slows down in the non duning months. Thank you, Again, Hopefully I will get to meet some of you folks sometime. IrnBear
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