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  2. I've been going to Dumont since about 1998 and have owned buggies since 2003. In that time, I have seen a TON of buggies come and go at Dumont. Most of the duners I have met by now, but I occasionally see a buggy out there that I've seen many times before but have no idea who it is. We usually just do the friendly "duner wave" as we pass by each other. It's almost become similar to the motorcycle wave you see on the street when two riders pass each other going opposite directions. Since the Polaris RZR came out, I have noticed a significant drop in the number of buggies out at Dumont. I often joke that we are an endangered species of the dunes, slowly being taken over by the side x side boom. Five years ago I thought it would be a great idea to get all of the buggy guys and girls together for a weekend. Here is where the Buggy Roundup was born! This year was our 5th Annual Buggy Roundup. Like all past roundups, we kept the same format...simple. There is no schedule of events. The biggest reason for that is because it's Dumont. Nobody keeps track of time out there. It's a dune trip. The only set time we had for anything was taco night, provided by DDR, free of charge for everyone who came out. Thursday morning there were only a couple of us out there. It was so peaceful and quiet. There wasn't the normal buzz of sand toys coming from the dunes. The silence was deafening! Before everyone showed up, we had to check out that sand. The W had blown strong all week up until Wednesday, clearing away those Thanksgiving weekend ruts and chop. It's like the dune gods knew we were coming and prepped the place for us. The sand dunes resembled what we have seen in the middle of July. The sand was fluff and it was stacked as steep as sand could stack in some spots. It made for some difficult navigating, but in areas where you could see well, it was heaven! Friday morning as the buggy roundup crew rolled in, camp grew larger and larger. We formed a football field-sized camp with our RVs and it started to take shape. Everyone was eager to get out and carve those smooth dunes up. Paddles were being installed, tire pressure was checked, and the final touches were being put on the sandcars before a morning shakedown run. When everyone arrived, the group consisted of 10-25 buggies on every dune run. With very few breakdowns, it was a damn miracle that many buggies could be in one place at the same time without any problems! We all know how those buggy gremlins can be. There ended up being two broken transmissions and two broken wheels out of the whole group. Not too bad considering! Saturday afternoon, Ben brought out his scales again. We did a buggy weigh in to see what all of ours cars weighed. It's always interesting to find out that exact number. Everyone lined up and it was a fun way to bring everyone together and get everyone chatting. With this many cars in one spot, we had to grab a group photo! After "herding cats", Neal Rideout got up on the dune and grabbed a photo of the crew. There were still a few buggies back at camp, either day dreaming or broken, but the final count of cars was about 35. That may be a record! After the photo, a group run was well in order. We covered a good portion of dune real estate without losing too many people. It's so awesome to look back and see that many buggies running together. We stopped for a break near Talladega and then headed over to the "huckfest" hill. Like most late afternoons at Dumont, we closed it out on the sunset hill. Afterwards we treated everyone to a taco dinner with pollo and carne asada. Steve piled the logs on the fire and we all enjoyed some nighttime drinks and laughter. Another successful Buggy Roundup was in the books! Some duners showed up as complete strangers and left as friends. See you guys next year! If you could not make it this year, mark it on the calendar. It always been two weeks after Thanksgiving weekend. More photos in the trip report thread...
  3. Four Stroke Wars & Banshee Wars

    4 Stroke Wars and Banshee Wars return to Dumont at Banshee Hill Saturday, January 13th over MLK weekend. For more race info, follow or join the FOUR STROKE ASSOCIATION group on facebook.
  4. Things just arent selling this close to the holidays. Maybe after the new year things will pick up and Im sure people will be buying again !
  5. Wanted VW parts

    what exactly are you looking for??
  6. New Year's Weekend: Ringing in 2018 at Dumont

    Can't Wait Work won't ruin this trip for me It is already booked :-)
  7. Yesterday
  8. Buggy Roundup 5 Trip Reports

    Man this trip looked epic!!! Really bummed I missed this one...
  9. Last week
  10. Long travel two seater

    Everything ynot said is spot on. I love my Tech 3! You can't go wrong with one. When they pop up for sale they don't last very long so be ready. They usually are priced in your price range, sometimes even cheaper. The Honda 3.5 or 3.2 is the motor you want. VERY reliable and makes plenty of power even without a turbo, but a turbo is way more fun. Good luck!
  11. Dumont entrance road updates

    The road felt like a paved road this last weekend.
  12. Long travel 2 seat turbo sandcar $8,500

    New price $8,500 obo
  13. V8rail Build

    Congrats!! Sorry you couldn't make it out last weekend. But there will be many more trips to come.
  14. I can't wait, Lucky Buggy Roundup Pics

    It was a perfect weekend! Trip report to come. Dead tired for now though. Sucks you couldn't make it out.
  15. 2014 RZR 1000 For Sale

    $18,000 no sand tires.
  16. Buggy Roundup 5


    morning been on the site for a couple years we dont have a sand car anymore but we have an x3 we are planning to make a day trip to meet people
  17. [SOLD] 2008 Tom Pro For Sale

    Bullshit! Doesn't answer calls doesn't answer texts
  18. Earlier
  19. Buggy Roundup 5!

    That's too bad, Cody.
  20. We'll Hold It Down Until Everyone Else Arrives

    Just left Baker. See you soon.
  21. Perfect Conditions Wednesday Night

    The wind just stopped and this place is empty. Perfect conditions for Buggy Roundup this weekend.
  22. Doghouse NO LONGER sells passes online

    After buying online, they complained to BLM about my charges (they didn't have to buy from me online), also complained they didn't get them in time (should have bought sooner) they got in by showing their receipt I send them online. Now, everyone looses. BLM told me I can't sell them online unless I charge face value. Who's going to pay the merchant fee for processing the credit card I asked 'not our problem' I was told (cash from now on) Who's going to pay for the envelopes and tape and ink for processing orders I asked 'not our problem' again Who's going to pay for shipping I asked 'not our problem' again (in store pickup only from now on) so, there it is Cash in my store from now on
  23. sorry, just moved to another happy owner
  24. CMS Billet Star spindle mount 15” wheels STU Razor Back 8.50-15 tires CNC rotors mounted on wheels CNC calipers with brake pads perfect for those with spindle mount wheels or combo spindles wanting to add front brakes $450
  25. Looking for a set of VW wheels, alloy or light weight preferred. 15 inch. I do have some spindle mount wheels and STU ridge tires for part trade or sale. email me or contact me on here to talk about it. New to me, Manx clone needs street tires and wheels. Thanks, Pat o
  26. Thanksgiving 2017 Pics

  27. UPDATE FOUND! German Shepherd Husky

    Hi there my name is Randy I’m the one that found or saw your dog out on the highway and told my son about it and he called you what a miracle I’m glad you got your dog back
  28. December Dune Pic of the Month Submissions

    ok looks like @FE135 is the winner afterall.
  29. Veteran's Day 2017

    I don't think I ever saw this when you posted it. lol Great pics and report, Jodi. Looks like a super fun trip.
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