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  1. Summertime!

    NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hit up the Sierras! This will be my first trip, starting July 14th! Devils Postpile to Toulunme Meadows, up and over Donahue! Can't wait to lay my eyes on those high mountain lakes!
  2. Summertime!

    We've been busy with all the new stuff! New house, new dog, new dune home.... We did make it to Coral Pink for Father's Day... Weather was perfect.. New dog likes to ride... New house, owning again is freaking awesome!!! But less trips.. Back to college... Did manage to land a West Rim Trail permit in Zion... And I have a girls trip planned to knock out 36 miles on the JMT (John Muir Trail)
  3. Summertime Sand Fix Tips

    One of our best times was in June several years back, Mike brought home the Trick car and that weekend the temps plummeted to highs in the 60's! It was awesome! I remember the old days when we did the night rides. We're right in the middle of escrow dune trips are going to be few to none this summer.... hopefully Mike and I will survive
  4. May Dune Pic of the Month

    You scared everyone else off with your mad photo skills! Great shot! Love the aerial shots!
  5. April Dune Pic of the Month

    Thank you!
  6. First time to Dumont advice April 4-7

    The camp area is one big open area. It's not like Glamis with the pads and washes. The main thing to be aware of are the razors, shelves and witches eyes. The dunes have been different each time I was there this season. We have two destinations North Pole and South Pole... Neither of which are North or South... LOL! Be safe and have fun! Lot's of water and chill in the creek with an easy up and a cooler when it's too hot to ride...
  7. April Dune Pic of the Month

    Out riding under the stars...
  8. Dumont entrance road updates

    That road is awful. Pretty sure nothing has been done to it since president's day weekend. It's down to that concrete mix stuff from years ago... wash-boarded out everyplace that isn't that concrete mix. You think with the clean up weekend, this past weekend, BLM would have made the effort to do something with that road, to show the people volunteering to keep our dunes clean that they care about our efforts... boo on the BLM I watched as they packed up and were leaving before the event was even over, couldn't get out of there fast enough, and no one was there when we left to check our passes or wrist bands.
  9. Found I phone 7

    Found an iPhone 7 on clean up weekend... It was turned in at the dumpster. I have it. Charging it now.
  10. Smooth And Shelfy

    The "W" howled all night, leaving the dunes buttery smooth, but very shelfy! When I got up early this morning to get milky way shots, there was no breeze. Now there's just a slight one. No tracks and barely any one here. The military birds just blew over us in the dunes! Looking forward to tomorrow's clean up events!
  11. Cleanup weekend 2018

    It is staking up to be one of the best quick draw raffles I have seen in a long time! Looking at the list on the Friends of Dumont Dunes Facebook page! <--------- OMG HAD to use the new emoji! Friends of Dumont Dunes Facebook AND the weather..... HELL YA!!! Looking to be perfect if this holds! Dumont 10 day weather
  12. Baker to Vegas

    Yeah not a good weekend to try to make a Dumont trip...
  13. Not The Most Ideal Conditions

    There's surprisingly numerous camps out here! The dunes have moved significantly and are jacked up from the last time I was here a month ago... Clouds have rolled in, wind and rain spitting. I forgot my contacts and my glasses are making it hard to see bouncing all over... Eh... At least I'm not at home!!!
  14. Cleanup weekend 2018

    We'll be there!
  15. One letter can sum up conditions right now... W... Nothing but W... Visibility.... Almost zero.