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  1. Buggy Roundup 5 Trip Reports

    We wished we would have camped with the group. I'm happy that Mike was able to do a couple of runs with you guys. His only frustration, is that yes the SxS's need to be in the back, because they can't run as fast as the big cars in general, but the last run he tried to do with the group, he was stuck behind a beam car and in the big long travel car it was just to hard to try to run behind them, without running them over and he didn't want to be "that guy" and pass in the line, so he just dropped out. Poor guy, it's the second year in a row he's been stuck behind a buggy that just can't move like the long travel cars. Maybe the beam cars need to also stay back behind the long travel cars? Just a suggestion after listening to his frustration. He still had fun. We also stopped for a little photo shoot with his Tatum and this guy jumped in the fun. I got some great photos of him, I'd like to share with him, maybe someone knows who he is? I assumed he was part of the buggy round up...
  2. We'll Hold It Down Until Everyone Else Arrives

    Come on 4:00!!!!
  3. Buggy Roundup 5!

    Weather looks PERFECT! http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=35.6987&lon=-116.2539#.WiWVIlWnHm4
  4. UPDATE FOUND! German Shepherd Husky

    That is great news!!!
  5. Good Sized Crowds Already Forming

    There's already a crowd forming. Most of the groups or single trailers have big circles roped off. Early to rise, to hit the dunes before everyone else gets up. The morning run was perfect and not crowded, but big ruts already. It's going to be a great weekend of camp visiting.
  6. Need a shop

    @richope try GTP Off Road Address: 3630 N 5th St #100, North Las Vegas, NV 89032 Hours: Open today · 9AM–5PM Phone: (702) 657-5991 ask for Mike
  7. This just in...

    One of the many things I love about Utah...
  8. This just in...

    Here's what I found with a little bit of research.... https://canaanmountainherald.com/2017/09/11/mohave-county-will-pave-portion-of-rosy-canyon-road/
  9. This just in...

    Yep he said the entire road. I asked for photo proof, but he didn't have any, but he's super trust worthy, if they go out again soon, he'll get photos. Coral Pink is in his back yard.
  10. This just in...

    A good friend of mine from Utah, headed out to Coral Pink today....
  11. Veteran's Day 2017

    What a perfect low key Dumont trip! Mike and I headed out Thursday evening after work for a weekend with friends in the sand. We arrived, unloaded and hung out until midnight waiting for those that were arriving on Thursday night, the rest of the group was to arrived at various times of the day Friday. The wind had kicked up just as we were heading to bed. It was a long night for me, as I have a sick old lady dog, that was up most of the night, and I finally called in the sleep towel as the sun was just breaking the pre dawn light. As the sun was lighting up the dunes, it was clear that the night time winds, had groomed the dunes of all the Halloween traffic. The finger dune we were camped next to, was topped off with a HUGE blow sand shelf! YES!!!! May as well start the coffee and kick back with a movie until Mike gets up and I start breakfast. This just means early into the dunes, longer day and a nap when the shadows make dune time sucky. Our first ride out, with in maybe 5 minutes, our leader drops off a hard to see out of no place shelf, on the radio, I here drop off, he looks back to make sure everyone is checking up and goes right off another steeper one. On the radio, stop stop stop! There's another one, my A arm is bent! You guys go on, I'll limp back to camp. We make sure he and his passenger are ok, and heading back on the flats. We cruise through the big dunes behind comp. There are shelves and drop off every where. It is summer dune conditions in November! So far it's a weird dune season, end of season dunes in early October and now summer dune conditions two weeks after a huge holiday weekend! No complaining here! We go up and across comp, drop down onto the flats, back up into the lower dunes, Mike is not quite running right. Back to camp, we need to check on the others, see how much damage is done to that A arm. Back at camp, the phone calls start, anyone have a spare A arm, that is coming out? Why yes! Great! We hang out and visit for a while, check in with those coming out today, and most of us head back out on another dune rally. We had to stop and in true duner helping duner fashion, to help out a fellow duner who's group had left him stranded and stuck in the sand. We continued on and a what a great run it was! Stopping to hang out at the North Pole, we all were soon getting hungry for lunch. So we made our way back to camp. More visiting, more waiting for others to arrive. Soon the A arm arrived and it was time for repairs as the rest of our group started to arrived and complete our small little circle of friends. Everyone was getting ready to head out on another ride, but for me it was time to catch up on some much needed sleep. Plus, if my old dog had a night, like the last one, I would need my rest. I turned on the TV, curled up and asked to wake me up for the sunset cruise. With the puffy high clouds, it was gearing up to be a great sunset. But, when it came time, I was sound asleep. Happily Mike left me alone, but I woke up and caught the last of the waning sunset. Time for fire and our hauler guests to arrive. They were arriving a bit earlier then anticipated, so we held off dinner, but they had already eaten, so dinner and gathering around the fire. It was an early night. Thankfully my dog slept through the night, must have been all that fire play and dune running. I was still up with the sunrise. Coffee brewing and our guests made breakfast. Bloody Mary to get the morning started while everyone gathered before the dune rally's started. And it was a great Saturday, filled with rally after rally after rally! Break for lunch and waiting for the shadows, we gathered and talked hanging out and enjoying the company. What great company to be surrounded by. After relaxing and waiting for the shadows, it was back to rally, rally, rally! We covered every inch of those dunes. Dinner and campfire and the fights on a TV on a chair next to the fire to complete the night. Up with the sun again. We needed one more ride, before packing up to leave. And what a ride it was! 15 SxS's lined up to rally through the sand, behind one of the best leaders Dumont has to offer up. He covered the entire dunes, well almost, making sure each and every one of those 15 SxS's made it to the ending point all at the same time! It was a great rally, wheelies, jumps, side hills, razor transitions, this rally had it all, at the perfect pace. We come to completion at the North Pole and visit for a few, before someone finally said, well, it's time we head back to start packing up, no one wanted the trip to come to an end. On the way back, one of the group launched a little to bit and bent a radius rod. Surprise surprise, some one had one back at camp! This group was great and prepared! After the repairs, we completed the rally back to camp, it was time to pack up and put an end to a pretty perfect weekend. A great time was had by all, the break downs were all minor and repairable, the weather was perfection, the dune rally's fast and long, the company was fantastic! The crowds were light! A great weekend in the sand! Some random photos, compiled with everyone's phone shot's. In no particular order...
  12. Great Night After A Great Day

    It was a great weekend, with long rally's through the dunes! A great time was had by all!
  13. Veterans weekend

    Next time!
  14. Great Night After A Great Day

    It's a perfect night after a great day of friends and fast dune runs. Chillin making pizzazz food and watching the fights around the camp fire.
  15. Summer Dunes In November

    It's pretty nice out! You're welcome!