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  1. Smooth And Shelfy

    The "W" howled all night, leaving the dunes buttery smooth, but very shelfy! When I got up early this morning to get milky way shots, there was no breeze. Now there's just a slight one. No tracks and barely any one here. The military birds just blew over us in the dunes! Looking forward to tomorrow's clean up events!
  2. Cleanup weekend 2018

    It is staking up to be one of the best quick draw raffles I have seen in a long time! Looking at the list on the Friends of Dumont Dunes Facebook page! <--------- OMG HAD to use the new emoji! Friends of Dumont Dunes Facebook AND the weather..... HELL YA!!! Looking to be perfect if this holds! Dumont 10 day weather
  3. Baker to Vegas

    Yeah not a good weekend to try to make a Dumont trip...
  4. Not The Most Ideal Conditions

    There's surprisingly numerous camps out here! The dunes have moved significantly and are jacked up from the last time I was here a month ago... Clouds have rolled in, wind and rain spitting. I forgot my contacts and my glasses are making it hard to see bouncing all over... Eh... At least I'm not at home!!!
  5. Cleanup weekend 2018

    We'll be there!
  6. One letter can sum up conditions right now... W... Nothing but W... Visibility.... Almost zero.
  7. There's nothing better then an off weekend in the sand! There's maybe 10 small camps in the entire camp area. The sand is ripply smooth on top, but still wet not to far from the surface. It's a bit warm, but not horrible hot. We are chilling in the shade of the x3 while taking a break from a great rally! The stars were out last night, with no moon, just incredible!
  8. Feb 2-4, 2018 Trip Report

    Another great weekend down in the books by the look of it! Love those off weekend trips!
  9. Dune report Jan 25-27th

    Great report and photos! Congratulations on the upgrade! We were out there as well Friday - Sunday. We arrived Friday after work for a quick off weekend! Camp wasn't in our usual spot, we were tucked ally the way up by Memorial Hill. Camping with Burt, we all said. I liked that spot much better then others we've had. We could overlook everything on the hill. We were joined by our SoCal family. We unpacked, and set up a minimalist quick weekend set up, one couch, two tv trays... boom, done! We immediately began the campfire festivities! There was great laughter to be had and we forgot all about our early to bed rule. The shots were flowing, the conversation rolling and the laughter was loud! And bed time didn't arrive until the wee 2:00 AM hours!! We left my dogs at home, since @wa.statecrew and his girlfriend have moved down and are gratefully watching the pups. My old pup Shasta's dune days are sadly over. It's better for her to not be stressed out if we end up in a camp with a lot of other dogs. However for whatever reason, Mike's dog decided I was the one to take him out at 5:30 AM! Once I am up, I am up. We walked around in the dark and the cold. I made coffee and watched the sunrise over the dunes. Finally Mike got up, breakfast down and it was time for the breakfast run! We were in the dunes before 8:00 am! Guess we are still early to rise! But you have to make the most of those short off weekend trips! @NE14SAND wasn't quite feeling it yet and motioned for us to go on, he'd break in his belt and take the wifey and dog for a mellow ride to check out Mista Black. The sand was silky smooth, buttery on top, but still damp underneath. We rallied through the dunes from one end to the other. Mike and I stopped to take a break and it was just chilly. The breeze was chilling and rippling the dunes nicely. We rallied back to camp to see if Aaron was ready yet. I was feeling a little hangover nauseous, so once we got back and let the Turbo out. I made a bloody mary with some bacon jalepeno infused vodka that I made and was dying to try out anyway. It was delish and just what I needed! We hung out for a minute, filled up the gas tanks and headed back out! Aaron's wife wanted to try to dune again, she gets sick and didn't have anything in their new to them toy hauler. All I had was regular dramamine, which she declined. She was a trooper and tried to go any way. She made it to about the second big dune on the backside and Aaron turned around. Mike and I continued on and rallied for a little longer, before going back to camp to pick up Aaron. Then we were off again! Sliding through the sand, wheelies, jumps and having a great time! When we finally stopped to take a break. We hung out and chatted, watched a huge group of SxS's running the dunes. There was a plane flying super low, then would go up over the dunes and then drop to almost ground level again over the flat area between North and South Poles. It was fun watching the air show, but it was too low to get any decent shots. The guys decided to put on their own show and I wanted some camera practice. We were all getting hungry, breakfast for us was, after all, at sunrise! So we rallied back to camp ate lunch and visited. Then it was time for another run, back to camp, fill up, load a cooler and back out again, as the sun was getting low, I wanted to get a couple of jump shots on my favorite jump behind camp, as we rally. It always seems like I am catching great air (for me anyway) but after looking at it , not in the middle of a run, it wasn't that spectacular, but still fun as hell! So we hung out there and took turns playing for a few. The sun was starting to drop, so it was time to get to duning!!! We returned in time to watch the sunset in camp, get the fire started and have some dinner. I wanted to try more stuff with my new camera, like long exposures, Aaron had a new laser he wanted to play with too, so that made for some interesting photos. I made more attempts at star photography, but the moon was way to bright, so I ended up with some freaky weird moon glow star photos with an airplane flying through the middle. I'm loving playing with that camera. I was able to get an ok photo of the big dipper. Can't wait for two more weeks, when we are out there again and it's going to be a sliver moon!
  10. Feb 2018 Dune Pic of the Month

  11. Getting The Sand Fix

    It's a chilly morning! The dunes are empty and so is camp! I love me some off weekend dunes! The dunes have a few tracks, alot of virgin sand, some drop offs and razors. It's dry on the top and still wet under. The tops have a lot of the wet sand that the recent W has blown the dry off of.
  12. MLK Weekend Report 2018

    We had a great weekend as well! Nice quiet camp of 4 rigs. The older I get the more I seem to enjoy these small intimate camps. We rolled in on Friday night and made quick work of unloading and campfire visiting. I received a new camera for Christmas from both sets of parents, I have had my eye on getting an upgrade for several years now, it finally came into price range for everyone to contribute to. So I was excited to get it out and take some starry sky pics..... I read a ton of stuff online to see how to set it up.... people online aren't always right... EPIC FAIL!!! But there was always tomorrow and Sunday to try again. I was now a bit worried on action shot set up!! We visited around the campfire for a couple more hours before turning in. Excited for the next day of riding. Mike was up in the early morning, and I slept a little later, after breakfast, we headed out on the morning ride, with Joe Duner in the lead! We were waiting for everyone in camp to be ready, so we stuck to the big stuff behind comp. This has become my favorite side now! I got a nice jump, and then immediately got a transmission light! NO!!!! But then it went away. Something to do with jumping, belt spinning, landing, no gas, belt needed to engage...???... Only had one other problem and that was backing up and then she got stuck in reverse and wouldn't go into gear, but this was also explained in the above manner and nothing to worry about, but just in case I am having clutch serviced. I made a joking comment about having another shop work on it and paid for that comment, with roosting all the next ride. All in good fun of course! The rest of our group was finally ready and we were off rallying through the dunes. Mike became known to knock riders off quads and dirt bikes this weekend with his Tatum roost!! As two different people fell victim to it! We took a lunch break and Neal came over to visit and wanted to check out my new camera. He then spent a great deal of time setting it up correctly and giving me some awesome pointers and lessons! I can not thank him enough for his time and assistance, It was time to get some hands on lessons, so Mike was happy to oblige! We all loaded up and went on a cruise, hitting every single speck of sand in Dumont, in one run and a couple twice. Or so it seemed. Joe Duner was stepping up Sarah Duner's game! Kid has some serious skills. But that is to be expected being Joe Duner's daughter! As we rolled back into camp, we pooped over the dune to see some double wheelie action going on. Since we hadn't stopped for me to practice my new skills, I grabbed my camera a took a couple shots myself. Afterward Mike joined the buggy's for a good buggy run, so I kicked back in camp and worked on some homework. Everyone else was working on projects, or napping, so we didn't have a sunset cruise. I was still itching to get these guys doing some action shots! But that will have to wait until tomorrow. Between Neal and my friend, who has the same camera, I was finally able to get a couple decent start shots. I know this camera is capable of better, so I still need practice. But still way better then the epic fail of night one. More campfire fun and laughter. Then we walked over to Pete's camp to watch the super cross and visit before turning in. The next day was a repeat of the previous day, but this time I convinced everyone to stop for a photo shoot. Of which I took Neal's advice about getting up in the action, a little to seriously and Mike almost wheelied over me! I felt the air on my leg as he dropped down! But it made a great couple of shots! There was lunch, and more rally's and then the last sunset of the weekend, before more campfire antics and science experiments. We got up early on Monday to do one more ride of the weekend! We made that the longest ride of the weekend. We lingered at the north pole for what seemed to be an eternity no one wanting to leave and go home, so we made the ride back to camp as long as the ride to the pole! Even though the sand was wet and the dunes tore up by the end of the weekend, it was still one kick ass weekend in the sand!!!
  13. Mistah Black - South Pole

    Yep that is exactly why I didn't see it, hiding behind the pole! Haha, I was looking for something larger and just did a drive by!
  14. Mistah Black - South Pole

    Haha or maybe hiding behind the pole. I didn't stop, I just cruised by coming in from the back after visiting the Memorial Hill.