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  1. Pretty quiet...

    It's time to start reading the other dunes section... lol... I know I'll be posting another trip report from Little Sahara Dunes in Utah! Some of us dune all year long, it's just time to go north.
  2. 1HP at Dumont never looked so good

    Pretty cool stuff. Love seeing the production stuff out there! And that sand looks PERFECT! Why does it have to be so damn HOT!!!
  3. April Dune Pic of the Month submissions

    You do mean April DOP right?! Coral Pink! In March?
  4. 15th Annual Dumont Cleanup: Fun in the Sun

    THIS IS GREAT!!!!! I can't wait to see what next year's event holds!
  5. Cleanup Weekend Trip Report: March 2017

    GREAT report! So sad we missed it this year. First one since... what... 06/07? HATE those damn lanterns that everyone thinks are so pretty I could rant on about them for hours! But I won't.. this time.. @JeepingJay36 sounds like you are making the Dumont Clean Up great again! Definitely looking forward to the years to come. Beach party looked like a blast!
  6. Perfect Sunset To End A Perfect Day

    Haha I remember that Havasu trip! I still can't believe he saved that!
  7. Clean up 2017

    @JeepingJay36 This is GREAT news! Please contact GTP Off Road 702-657-5991 for some donations as well! We are vendors out on Dumont's Vendor Row as well as have a shop in Las Vegas and love to give back when we can!!
  8. March 3-5, 2017 Trip Report

    Thank you!
  9. March 3-5, 2017 Trip Report

    Ok I am apparently a little special when it comes to embedding video's Let's try this.... Full on 4th of July style fireworks show and some Supercross...
  10. March 3-5, 2017 Trip Report

    GREAT quick weekend! Thank you Pete for the invite to camp, it was nice having a smaller camp group. And I got to meet some awesome new peeps! That firework show was better then most I have seen on the 4th of July, wish I could post my "live" Facebook video. Crazy! The Supercross on Saturday was awesome as well. Thank you for also leading a great ride Saturday afternoon, I was super worried about keeping up! Love that crazy ride of mine! Mike has been working with me on how to wheelie the Maverick and I was finally able to get a couple good ones! I wish he had got the really good one! THAT was super fun and BADASS!!! We also went to one of Mike's friends weddings on Saturday afternoon, evening. What a beautiful ceremony with an amazing background! So much fun, I only took a couple of shots. Looking forward to Clean Up weekend!
  11. Clean up 2017

    I like that idea!
  12. Clean up 2017

    We'll be out Thursday night this year. We really need to work on a raffle or something for next year.
  13. South Pole: An Old Dumont Tradition Gets Revived

    Haha! Great write up! I still remember using photo's on a lap top and looking at the background scenery to find the location of the South Pole! I wish the military mail box was still maintained! I thought that was a great idea! Love the new South Pole! Great job Regulators!
  14. March 2017 Dune Pic of the Month

    Awesomeness! This was my favorite shot from that weekend! Timing is everything.
  15. March 4-5 weekend