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  1. Hell you haven't seen me towing the hauler to Dumont down that road.... but really that 220mph shift was awesome
  2. Does the site work well for you?

    CHEESE came down and spent the day with me at pismo in july very busy with family life. no more dune toys.he does miss the crew
  3. Halloween weekend '17

    can't wait been in the garage and on amazon getting set for the season
  4. Dune Trip of a Lifetime: SHREDDY LIFE QATAR

    watched that yesterday that was a trip where they got to see the best money had to offer just wow
  5. Dumont

    we miss you jackster. because of work and car issues i had the fewest trips in years.
  6. May Dune Pic of the Month submissions

    sand mountain nevada
  7. Buggy Roundup 4, Great Weekend!

    both great videos well done
  8. Star Wars Land speeder strikes again!

    disney is going to send you a bill!
  9. Look who else was at Dumont

    wish he would have stopped for tacos. very interesting guy
  10. Buggy Roundup 4, Great Weekend!

    anther awesome gathering of fast! few shots from the taco feed
  11. Buggy Dune Conditions

    Summer type dunes little hard to read and surprise drop offs. Mostly virgin sand.Weather is perfect cold at night but nice now with the sun out . Not many people maybe 6 camps
  12. 4th Annual Buggy Roundup

    I'm planning on making it