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  1. Yesterday
  2. transporter

    Bradley O'Neal's base jump at Dumont

    All I can say is crazy man!
  3. Sandjoker29

    Who's going out for MLK weekend?

    Nope. The car is still out getting the new motor and trans put in. See you guys President's day.
  4. Willinium

    Sandco 4 seater

    Still for sale price drop! 38k
  5. Last week
  6. raspadoo

    X3 RS spare rim / tire

    Talked to Mark, thats the plan.
  7. taterman247

    575hp LS powered 04 Ricochet

    04 Ricochet 4 place Rugged Radios Intercom Beadlock Paddles Mendeola MD4S LS1 PRC Heads Fast 102mm Intake new Optima 94981C54-62FD-4973-899E-E158FA73BCB7.MOV $25k Will be @ Glamis w/car MLK weekend 620-453-1738 Josh
  8. joblo

    Tom Pro Turbo car

    Tom Pro car Tom pro turbo system with blow off valve Ceramic coated ball bearing turbo  Reverse box 930 cv’s King shocks Bead lock wheels Hid light bar Front and rear brakes Jamar pedals, dual reservoir on slider- just rebuilt- Fire extinguisher 3” crow padded belts Razor front tires, awesome turning even without a differential.  Pictures are of the car after rinsing it off. I will update the ad with new pictures when polishing/detailing is done. This car has been in storage and has not seen the sand in 5 years. It is in very good shape. I cleaned out the old fuel and put some fresh stuff in and it fired right up. -The vacuum lines had some dry rot so they have all been replaced. -Currently working on detailing the car and getting the aluminum polished out. This is done. I need to take new pictures. - Reverse box only has a couple of trips on it. It was completely replaced by Tom. The original was built before Tom had his cnc machine and was thought maybe something was off. So he replaced it. Fresh oil in it now. -Auto meter silver gauges. -Sealed sand switches. -All wiring in good shape. No issues. -New agm battery. This thing rips!!! I had forgotten how strong it runs. As soon as boost comes on (which is pretty much immediate) this thing becomes a violent uncaged beast.At the same time it can just be a cruiser if you want to drive it that way too. No lagging turbo to make it undriveable. Frame and panels powder coated. Springs are powdercoated silver. Floor is powdercoated in hammer tone. Rear trailing arms powdered in hammer tone. Artwork done by k-daddy here in Bakersfield. The guy has real talent and it shows. Seats have been detailed with upholstery cleaner and look great! The bad- Car shows minor signs of being run. Some of powdercoat is worn off on the rear trailing arms. Few very minor scratches in high wear areas. Radiator tank cracked on a weld and was repaired with JB weld in the dunes. I plan to rebuild it out of a little thicker aluminum to keep this from happening, but for now that’s the way it is and has been fine since doing it years ago. The front left wheel is bent a little. It was straightened as best possible by hand and has no noticeable input on steering but has a tiny wobble if you look close at it while driving. The turbo is mounted very low due to space limitations. It does not hang down where it would be damaged by bottoming out. It however does not drain the engine oil well back to the sump. This causes the car to smoke at idle. This has never been an issue other than seeing it smoke. Motor is tight. I just got a California vin and am in process of getting the green sticker. If I had the coin I would buy this myself. Unfortunately I am not in a position to do so. I think somebody is going to score. $18,000 obo 661-201-2246 Scott
  9. dunefreak

    Finally better cell service at D!

    Well it's still not April or May so I guess we'll have to wait and see. That's when the completion date is last we heard. I'm going out next weekend. I'll see if there's any progress.
  10. Steph0909

    Samsung note 9

    Lost Samsung note 9. Pink and purple marbled case. Lost around comp hill. Please contact stephanie at 435-979-5196 or Jordan at 435-979-1317 if found. Thanks
  11. dunefreak

    Government shut down?

    We'll have to wait and see. I imagine it would if it actually goes that long.
  12. sup guys .....i just bought a 2015 xds turbo black and green does any1 have any parts for sale bars ,mounts ,harness ect ... ect... just message me what ever you got .....everything i have is all stock
  13. dunefreak

    January Dune Pic of the Month

    We've got some good ones this month. Time to vote.
  14. Earlier
  15. joblo

    Sandcars Unlimited 4 Seater

    My mom had one just like this but in blue. It was one of the nicest riding and driving car in our group.
  16. Dumont Dune Riders

    Empty Weekend With A Little Rain

    Dumont was empty this weekend. The only visitors were a few duners and a little bit of rain.
  17. dunefreak

    President's Day Weekend 2019

    The Las Vegas Jeep Club will be hosting their 47th annual Jeep Jamboree over President's Day Weekend at Dumont Dunes. The hill climbs will be on Saturday followed by the traditional 300' sand drag event on Sunday.
  18. Sandfox1

    2.3 turbo ranger

    Hey there! Happy New Year! I just saw your post and I am also from Las Vegas. I have a 2.3L Turbo in my car also. It's a 1980 block from a Mustang II. I still seem to be working the bugs out of it!! If you're okay with it I'd like to meet up with you all at Dumont sometime - or maybe in Vegas?
  19. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is an American federal holiday marking the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. It is observed on the third Monday of January each year. This year it is on the 21st. MLK Weekend is never very busy. It is actually quite peaceful and most look at it as a "duners holiday weekend". It's a chance to escape the crowds and get some quality duning in without the added stress of traffic in the dunes. UPDATE: The Banshee Wars and Four Stroke Wars have been cancelled due to the government shutdown. There isn't enough BLM staff to oversee the event. A few things to keep in mind for MLK weekend 2019 Holiday Pass required: MLK Weekend is designated a holiday weekend by the BLM meaning a holiday pass is required. The holiday pass dates for MLK are as follows: Jan 15 thru Jan 21, 2019 Government Shutdown: Please not that if there is still a government shutdown, there will be no staff to clean the restrooms or restocking of TP, so make sure you bring your own. Please remember to always practice "pack it in/ pack it out" and haul your trash out. There will also be no fire or medical staff on site. Use 911 for emergencies. Weather Forecast: http://www.dumontduneriders.com/weather/
  20. eDUBz

    Rolling into DUMONT the 27th.

    Nice! We spent 5 days down in cuddeback dry lake, stopped at Husky on Saturday. I just posted my trip down in the trails and hard pack section.
  21. dunefreak

    Alert: Blasting on Mt Potosi

    BLASTING: Monday 1/7/2019 Up to 2 hour delay. FLAGGERS IN PASS: Nothing Scheduled at this time. 160 RECONSTRUCTION VEGAS BOUND FROM PAHRUMP: 1/4/19 Aggregate will be setting k-rail -6:30am -2:30 ish and 4:30 - 12:30 ish There will eventually be a Lane change after Tecopa Road that will be 1 lane both ways for 7 miles.....
  22. Helmet wandered away from our chairs in front of the trailer at the camp during Buggy Roundup. It's a men's red helmet size is XL.
  23. Dive Bar Casanova

    New Years Weekend looking chilly

    Last evening we shut down the North Pole until sundown. MFSOB cold wind. Leaving this morning the sand seemed a bit tighter and it was an easier pull out. We’ll no doubt return for Presidents day.
  24. Melissa Smith

    Two Sandrails for sale

    1. Cream (first 4 pictures) -VW 2010cc engine built by Bill Shapely Racing Engines of Las Vegas, Fox rear shocks, Kirkey racing seats, Cable shifter, new front aluminum rims and tires, aluminum rear rims and paddle tires. Great starter buggy and fun in the dunes. I can deliver to a reasonable distance, and a trailer is included.$3,500 No Trades 2. Blue (pictures 5-9) - mid engine, 2276 cc motor built by Bill Shapley Racing engines of Las Vegas, dual Weber 44 carbs, electronic ignition, aluminum rims with front smoothie and rear paddle, gas shocks, 4 point harness. This car is very fast. $9.000 I can deliver. No trades.
  25. dunefreak

    Mendola 2-d

    Yep, just pull the linkage off then unbolt that rear housing part of the case. The seal presses into the end. It's pretty easy.
  26. Lost during hurriane Dumont. Its made out of flimsy plastic thats covered in greyish/black auto carpet. Approximately 10 inches by 3 feet. Return to Short Bus on vendor row and get either 10 bucks or 3 free ice creams of your choice.
  27. Reply to Jeremy Raggio on the Facebook post.
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