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  1. Today
  2. Thanks for the invites. I found a group to camp with.
  3. How high is the lift kit?
  4. Man, I love watching all of the Fireworks No where else in the State can you fire them off without really endangering anyone The place is loud as it is with the engines running all night long, it's all part of the joy of Dumont And for those cry babies about there animals, leave them at home... I'm sure if they don't like the fireworks, they aren't real happy with the engine noise in their ears Please, no stopping the fireworks Thanks, IrnBear
  5. Good thing all our money we spend on that place can afford someone to fix the road smh....
  6. Pa Ulko Val


    Hit the sand today for a little solo time. All quiet. A little tracked. Great weather. Light breeze. The road in : I’m new here so it’s WASHBOARD!!! Shook something loose on my old rig though, and guess what? Now it’s now running better!!!LOL hope to make Halloween Weekend. Cell tower update. Not operational today.
  7. I picked up my season holiday pass Saturday at the Kawasaki shop in Pahrump.
  8. Yesterday
  9. 2008 Vortex toy hauler that sleeps 8 people. Tires are 2 years old and the batteries are brand new..The price is $15,500 and it is negotiable and the toy hauler is sold as is. Below is the list of what the toy hauler has. If you have any questions please call or text (702)-964-5060. The Toy Hauler is located near the Camping World by the M resort in Sloan. 15,000 BTU Central/Ducted Garbage Disposal Gas Grill Cook Top Microwave Oven Microwave/Hood Combo Refrigerator 5 - 7.0 cu. ft. Water Heater 10 Gallon Gas/Elec. w/DSI 14"-20" Flat Screen AM/FM/CD Stereo CD Player (Multiple) DVD Player Satellite Dish Without Receiver 4 KW Gas Scissor Stabilizer Jacks Stabilizer Jacks (Crank Down) Diamond Shield Exterior Paint Fiberglass Exterior 30' and Under Fuel Station Full Body Paint Hitch Stabilizer Luggage Rack and Ladder Outside Shower Spare Tire and Carrier Manual Awning 15-21' (Each) Cabinetry Upgrade (Deluxe) Inverter (600 Watt)
  10. Its a Fabtech kit, off hand I do not remember the specifics.
  11. We are looking for help on the Big Dumont weekends, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New years, and President's day. We are a food vendor on vendor row. Contact me if interested or for more details.
  12. IrnBear

    Perfect Weekend

    Wow, looks like a great weekend I love that smooth sand Wait, we have a swingset?? Thanks for the report, IrnBear
  13. What did you replace it with?
  14. This was cool the first year around the rock pile..it was even better last year at the end of vendor row. Can't wait to take the kids over there again this year.
  15. Last week
  16. 2014 Attitude 27cbg with sofa slide out. Second owners. In great condition. Just paid registration, good til Oct 2020. 100 gallons fresh water, 50 gallon grey, 50 gallon black. 36 gallon fuel station. On board Onan 4000 generator with fresh oil change. 228 hours on generator. Two 6 volt batteries. Upgraded full size queen memory foam mattress. Windows just resealed. Half ton towable. Hitch included. $25,500 OBO
  17. thanks you guys lots of work but got it knocked it out quick
  18. Thank you very much! It helps and I will.
  19. Just now read this. Can someone post the link? Thanks. Nevermind the link appeared. $100.00 from the wifie and me.
  20. I was just there in the sand dunes of Dubai, a month ago. We rode a Range Rover in the desert. It was exciting!
  21. Go for Weathertech floor mats.
  22. Wanted to start a thread about what vendors will be out. Vendors or anyone with knowledge of vendors coming out please post up. I like to know who's going to be there so I can plan a meal, buy some gear, etc and help support those who come out.
  23. Sounds awesome. I really need to drag my ass out there sooner then later.
  24. Try private messaging members if they don't reply to their post. Sometimes they see the email notification that they get when a PM arrives.
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