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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello,sorry it took so long to reply I have been out of town working but yes the rail is still for sale , if you would like you can reach me at 661 431-0201 Leave a message I am a welder and dont always hear my phone Thanks MIKE
  3. Last week
  4. Hey Pete, Thanks a ton for that info. I think I've decided that its a bit too short notice to try to go duning in the summer heat after reading your tips. I really appreciate that info sir. FYI, I used to live in Vegas and still have friends in Henderson....Wish I was that close to Dumont still but it's a 9 hour trip for me from northern Cali now.
  5. I'm glad I picked up my X3 at the end of 2018. Seems they've been in super high demand since. About 100 units and 10 days of production lost. https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/brp-preparing-resume-side-side-122520432.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubWF2ZXJpY2tmb3J1bXMubmV0Lw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAGTYE5ml8AoC4alalZudDdPOrreHlXJjuCEF1v7Tdxac_Q1ie8xhnXlOxQ5m6piCfodCm87DpQmEc549sJie0sEaTWcO6CwRasokZgSqfg_YTP5NMI6o6WsVyUjePT_yKVYiypTrhIX3Pj7pqOtCJrlXgzfk2e_3rKm0zGvqAJ9J
  6. Earlier
  7. 2017 YXZ 1000R SS For Sale (Black/Red) Extras 2 lightbars Simpson Suspension seats w/5-point harness Cargo box Light Flywheel Graves Exhaust DragonFire V-Bar Weller Racing Front & Rear Sway Bars Weller Racing Front & Rear Sway Bar Links Roof, FOX suspension, Bead lock wheels, with paddle shifters. This has been garaged and has 2,888 miles on it. It is in mint operational condition and was used mainly on Sand Dunes a few months out of the year. This is an Air Force Veteran private owner sell, No sales tax. Asking $14,999.00. Direct deposit or Cash ONLY, No Pay-Pal - No Trades. Please no low balling and no text asking the absolute lowest price. If you are really interested, you will stop by. I do not want to waste your time or mine. I will sell on a first-come, first-serve basis. I will, however, hold with a non-refundable down payment in case you need financing—title in hand. Serious inquires ONLY! Please call or text 702 - three two five - eighteen forty and ask for Paul.
  8. Pahrump has several trailer storage options. Not sure where you’d be coming from if that is convenient.
  9. Yes sorry to not put up a public reply. This is at Sandhills Resort
  10. Wow, looks like a beautiful day today at D. I bet the dunes aren't very crowded or tracked out.
  11. SU 4-Seater, Mendeola, Turbo-Subaru, Motec READY FOR THE DUNES. 2005 Suspension Unlimited A-Arm Car, Fox shocks, Mendeola 4S, 4 Cam Subaru, STI block, STI Crank, Manley Rods, JE pistons, Fresh two seasons ago. Gearbox rebuilt at Rancho. Three trips since. Motec M4, Low hours, stored indoors. Custom Loading tires for a narrow toyhauler. Tuned for Race Gas, 400hp. Serviced and reliable. $25,995 Contact Ray @ 775-771-2722
  12. im looking for a ltr 450, i am in northern california in tracy, i have an 06 with a blown engine that no own can fix for the 3rd time so i either need an engine which i can't find or start all over with a fresh one for our family. my name is dave rocha. cell 209-814-4069 if you have time to call. thanks!
  13. It likely went to your spam or junk folder. Sometimes you have to save the address or mark not as spam with some emails.
  14. Contact me 631-432-8992 I’ll buy this bike from you just like some more info thank you.m look forward to hearing from you, Anthony.
  15. Hell if I know. I haven't found it yet so how am I supposed to know what it looks like?
  16. No, you are giving these people way too much credit, Lee! LOL
  17. Hey Pete, got a question for you.... when you blew up your engine..... did you burn your lips on the exhaust pipe? {;o) Have to make up for lost time.
  18. I had this same quandary about 2 years ago, I decided to go the side x side route as we often do some other riding from time to time that is not in the sand. I thoroughly enjoy the ability to just throw on some sand tires and go to the dunes or dirt tires and go out through the dirt. That being said it has not impacted the unmet need to drive a newer Funco...
  19. The 20/21 dune season has finally come to a close. It was an interesting season for sure with the COVID and all. More so this season than ever were the dunes the perfect escape to normal for many people. It was one of the only outlets for recreation or getting out of the house and not feeling the pressures from the pandemic. No matter what is going on in the world, pandemic or not, Dumont always offers solitude and the perfect setting to turn your brain off. If that's not what your after, it's also the perfect place to party and go nuts with limited impact on others. Regardless of the type of dune trip you are after, I think we can all admit Dumont is great "reset" that all of our brains need from time to time. I hope everyone found that reset on every trip you managed to squeeze in this season. Although the season is over, we all still manage to get out and enjoy some part of the outdoors. So don't be a stranger. Pop in on the forum and let us know what you are up to. We don't shut the site down during the off-season, so please utilize it to keep it alive and fresh. Many people have turned to social media these days and we get it. It's easy and convenient, but please keep in mind we do this for the community and love you guys. Show us some support and we'll see you in the sand in October!
  20. Thank you all for your support. Rambo is a very close friend of our family and I was there next to him as he passed. He is my Father in Laws best friend and a Uncle to my children. I’ve refrained from posting anything from the accident but I want to make sure the correct details are out there and for everyone to understand how tragic this has been. This all took place April 3rd @ 12:30 am. A friend of ours got his truck stuck on top of face hill. Rambo being who he is, never said no to anyone to lend a hand. He was walking down face hill from the truck that was stuck to a RZR to pull it straight which was about 30 feet or so. As he was stepping down he was struck by another side by side. The driver of the other vehicle stopped and I’m guessing as it sunk in what just happened he fled the scene. His Son and myself preformed CPR until the Paramedics got there but unfortunately it was too late. He left behind a Wife, 2 Sons, and 1 Daughter. I can not describe the heart ache we have right now. I ask anyone and everyone if you have any info please contact the San Bernardino County Sheriffs Office so we can try to give our family justice for a life taken way too soon!
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