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  1. thanks Terry, I'll need time to make sure the T-shirt shooter is in working order too.
  2. Is there an official date for the cleanup yet for 2014? I don't see it on here anywhere. Just have to plan my whole years vacation at work so I get the dates I want. I know it is usually around Saint Patricks Day and it is on Monday 3/17/13.
  3. Looks like 1st thru 5th for us if everything works out.
  4. Pete, I'd like two of the number 3's in black....toy hauler door size however big to fit the big back door 4 of the #2's and 2 #3s in white please, 10" or so
  5. I am going to the river and float on my aqua lily pad http://aqualilypad.com/aqua-lily-pad-photo-gallery/aqua-summer/
  6. Tell me the plate number and you can have it back...it has a broken bracket still attached to it.
  7. I am using his sign on to keep everyone updated if you say it is a home made buggy that should allow you to get a vin # then after that the registration and title this is the guy who got his car impounded i will let you know how it turns out after Saturday this is info directly from the nvohv.com site and a call to ask questions
  8. which one? The bikini chick or the shirt shooter....
  9. Hey Terry, let me know if you want me to bring the T-shirt shooter again...it seemed to go over well but let me know what you think.
  10. He got it back but it cost him 700.00 in fees/fines. Also they had it for 2 days of a 4 day trip.
  11. Just a heads up, a friend of mine had his rail impounded this weekend in Glamis. He had a sticker but no vin# on the car.
  12. "Campfire Jenga and Kareoke is always good times " Oh man!! I missed campfire jenna...who won? Glad Razor is ok too
  13. Hey...shouldn't this be in the lost and found? :clown:
  14. speaking of cleaning up.....do we have a cleanup day scheduled yet for 2013? is it 3/16/2013?
  15. hey Pappy, its funny....I was just talking to my friend the other day about building me something to hang off the back of my hauler like this for my atc 70's...although they are much lighter than yours. His name on here is Metalworxfab I think (he doesn't come on here a lot) and he is real good at designing stuff. We were going to put 2 or 3 recievers off the back and a rack that fits into them that could be easily removed for loading/unloading. If you are interested I can get you his number..are you in vegas?
  16. I had the same problem when I put a big motor in my vw car. I switched to 13.00 plus-15 and made a huge difference. They are a couple inches wider and taller. Mine are approx 14.5" wide..don't remember what the 13.00-15's were. Hope this helps
  17. Ya I lost track of time and forgot again too
  18. dune_rat


    I've seen corvettes cross the river
  19. I just read that the dealership settled and bought his car from him. And they pulled the audio off the web
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