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  1. The white bros exhaust on my wife's 400ex broke where pipe enters muffler. Looking to see if someone could tig weld it for a reasonable price instead of buy new that would be awesome.
  2. 2002 Honda 400ex, barely ridden in last 10 years, ITP Sandstar wheels sand front tires and paddles, a pair of dirt front tires. coated exhaust, aftermarket bars, new battery, new starter solenoid, emergency brake block, KN air filter, stainless air scoops, $2000 IMG_20170128_144929099.jpg.crdownload
  3. Located in North Las Vegas. Contact me through messanger for phone number.
  4. 2006 Kawasaki KLR 650, like new, title in hand, even though this is a 06 it sat in a crate until end of 2010. My father in law originally purchased and never rode it and that is why it only has 1130 miles on it. The bike has aftermarket brake lines, skid plate, radiator cap, and front shock springs. I have a pair of dirt tires as well that were really never used. $3400
  5. ​2006 Kawasaki KLR650 with 1100 miles on it. The bike has an aftermarket skid plate, high pressure radiator cap, aftermarket brake lines, upgraded fork springs. The bike is like new. My father n law and I purchased two of these in 2010 from a diesel motorcycle manufacturer, they were still in the crate with no miles and they were the standard gas version. I rode one and sold it and this one did not get ridden much so time to sell. $3500.
  6. I have owned this bike since 11-2002 and it is still pretty much stock. I have a pair of renthal bars, red rims, the back tire is basically new, I put some new seals in the motor/water pump, and I just put a new weisco piston in. I have not ridden the bike much in last couple years except for the break in of the piston. I also have a paddle tire for the bike. $1600 OBO Travis
  7. Good chance the truck is also stolen, popular right now. If the car is worth that much figure some way to put lojak on it.
  8. Same problem, ended up replacing the carb. Mine would run for a couple of seconds and die. i tried to clean the carb but the orifices are so small once the are clogged you are screwed. The onan people told me to just run it once a month to avoid any issues like this. I run mine for 5-10 minutes and I have not had a problem since and I had mine fixed two plus years ago.
  9. dont remember seeing any, and I am not suprised if it did not have any.
  10. Found this picture I took a couple years ago on my cell phone........I remember laughing my a$$ off when I saw the bike.
  11. Same problem. I tried cleaning the carb out several times. The gen started to run better, but not anywhere near what it was suppose to be. Ended up just buying a new carb.
  12. I always hear about people being scared to shoot someone that breaks into their home in california, but in vegas we have already had a couple in the last year. I believe in at least two of the incidents the intruder was killed.......in vegas we support that. In Nevada you can also carry your gun holstered with a magagzine loaded and chambered. You can have your gun in your car and it is not considered concealed if you have it under your seat, in the glove box and so forth. Carrying a concealed firmearm on your person is very common here and generally those with permits are law abiding citizens. California thinks that some of these crazy gun laws they have will deter crime, but the real criminals dont care. As for North las vegas I doubt that they are going to deal with you for carrying a concealed firearm if you have a permit, they only want to use this laws for people that are criminals, or a-holes to them.
  13. The guy works on his car because he is up for 3 days straight and needs to do something. These are some of the people that are stealing copper and anything else they can get there hands on. Don't forget about meth mouth.......those beautiful teeth that come from use.
  14. I have a 21ft hauler, its on the heavy side, and I used to have a 01 chevy w 4.8 motor. I also had 4:10 gears w/33's, 6" lift but my truck could pull the trailer. the hills were tough and a little hard on the truck but it still did the job.
  15. Saw this on craigslist and since I laughed pretty good I thought I would share it. http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/cto/1738543522.html
  16. These theives like to visit the nice areas to commit these types of crimes due to the citizens tend to have some money and nice things inside the homes.
  17. Springfields are good firearms, but think about getting the 45 vs the 40. The 45 will be easier to shoot especially if you are putting rounds down range (at an intruder) quickly.
  18. Just because you wait to pull over to a parking lot does not mean Metro can't tow your vehicle. The longer it takes to pull over the more the officer thinks you have something to hide also.
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