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  1. Looks good Bobby!! What size and color amp sticker you need? I cut them!!!
  2. I know a good painter! .....
  3. He was on the 215 near warm springs last week, i was next to it in my F-250, that thing is huge!! :porn:
  4. Nice piece there walt We outta go shootin sometime,Ill dust off my collection
  5. I have heard a few people have recieved letteres from WW stating that if you have warranty work done they will reimburse for your bill I'll believe it whe I see it I have a new WW hauler i bought last year , so im in the same boat...it sucks, but i guess i will repair it myself and eat the losses ww
  6. Great pics pete we were up there all weekend as well just down the road, in hatch, riding!! great weather till sun night and monday got windy as hell so we headed back monday midday it was our sons first trip!! he loved it
  7. okey dokey...nice ride
  8. NOPE like ISBB Said you cant ride there!!!a friend of mine got a healthy ticket, blm is constantly driving around there and covering clear over past blue diamond south,(even through the desert with no roads!!) and they are NOT friendly when they stop you, they even gave his friend a dui test , they told them if they catch them again,they will impound the quads
  9. Looks like if he didnt bail off he would of landed somewhat o.k.....crazy chit
  10. We will be there (in utah anyway) but riding in duck creek,
  11. so what happens if you have the lifetime pky from sirius,do you have to buy a new reciever to get the xm channels?
  12. Ditto to that, mark your better to get with someone with a welder and just start practicing, get some scrap and start running a bead!!!or if you plan on getting into welding buy a set up, I recomend miller, my mig,tig,and even plasma cutter are miller,...great product
  13. that sucks cole!!! Hopefully its a speedy recovery
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