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  1. Anyone going out this weekend? Ita suppose to be 78 degrees Friday and Saturday. I am up in the air about going
  2. I have been on one trip to ddr and 2 to glamis. Definitely not enough. Waiting on the turbo and might squeeze one in at the end of April if weather is good
  3. awesome pics!!! looked like a blast. UFC fight and the dunes on the same day "paradise"
  4. Looks like an awesome time. I am still bummed I missed it. Glad everyone was safe and drove hard!
  5. sorry guys I do not think I am going to make it. Still trying for a day trip sat.
  6. I am still up in the air myself also. I was planning on Wed night but that usually means Thurs night haha
  7. That is pretty cool. I do not see myself being able to make it all the way up that hill. That is a good amount of stamina to do that hill climb.
  8. it is once a year and for some reason it seems to fall on the 2nd week of December. Can you make this trip?
  9. If someone is going to show the fight or have the ability that works for me. Happy to help fund the cost of ordering the fight as well.
  10. I just realized the UFC 194 is that sat night. I will be leaving sat in time to make it home for that fight. Definitely not missing that fight.
  11. I am curious how your going to blast the dunes in your awesome new gen 5 with a 2 boots setting and run the drone. If you need someone to drive your funco I am available He has a mega boost boys so watch out! I will hopefully have a busa stroker motor by then and try and keep up with the big boys.
  12. I was there with Raspadoo and have t mobile. I had zero service anywhere around dumont.
  13. I am going this sat for a day trip. (2) king sand cars, and maybe A Funco
  14. A big circle. Look at the op and Pete has a small pics of the camp site from round up 1.
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