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Wood Wheels

Happy Pappy

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Yeah you read it right... Wenching the predator into the toy hauler I have to bolt on some stock VW wheels and even then it just barley fits, Then I have to lock them up so they don't get stolen.

So, I am thinking 24" Dia. plywood wheels. Glue & screw 2 layers of 3/4 shop maple together giving me 1-1/2" thick wheel.

Cool thing is I have a CNC in the shop and can do some pretty neat stuff, perfect circle, bolt patterns etc.

Anyone seen anything like this?

Look forward to any comments,


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Yes I have and it works. They do dig in the sand so be aware of that. The guy that used them would winch his car in the trailer. If I remember right, his were two 3/4 inch plywood pieces sandwiched together.

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Maybe... I know when I was racing Formula Fords we used Transport wheels that were a cast aluminum wheel with cycle tires, pricy but really nice


These woody's cost 1-1/2 sheet of 3/4" maple Ply, some glue, and 80 1-1/4" face frame screws. BAM!! Done deal :-)

What is really cool is that I shaved 4" off the front (Was 79" using stock VW's now 75") that means this buggy will now fit on a flat trailer and the quads can go in the Toy Hauler.

Bonus... When there off the car in the hot desert sun they make great sun shade hats... Uhh unless your getting a little thin on top :rolleyes:

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