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Is everyone done? How was your season?


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Is everyone done for the 15/16 season or are you going to try and squeeze in any more weekend trips. (When I say season, I mean Dumont season.)

This was a great season for us. We managed to get 7 trips in, including Glamis. I have no summer dune trips planned other than maybe a day trip for our usual Dune in June. We're focusing on other things.

My car had a stupid little issue that was quickly resolved mid-season, but other than that it continued put a grin on my face all season long and did it's job well.


How about everyone else?

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I don't think I'm ready to give up.

I have gone quite a few times this season, but I cant seem to get enough.

I think I just figured out an issue that my car has been having last night.

contrary to what some believe I haven't been getting full throttle. I have been shifting before 5000 rpm to keep my car from backfiring and dying.

Its on now!

We have one more car in our group we are working on buttoning up so I know once that is done regardless of weather we will be out.


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Hoping to top half a dozen! This month is looking doubtful, maybe just a little trip to explore and jeep around to cool spots nearby.

Great season....loved having the rain and weather! It ended up being good timing on all trips, saw the floods LIVE in October (gnarly, remember the road washed out?), experienced the Super Bloom in DV in February, meet a bunch of new friends to ride with, and only blew up one bike!

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Hands down one of the best seasons I have had in awhile. The weather wasn't scorching like the couple years prior and the wind was fairly mellow. We had about 5 great trips. Its unfortunate to see the passing of the few duners who had accidents and the injuries that where posted. But hopefully this is lessons for everyone looking to enjoy next seasons riding. Dumont is my home away from home and I don't want to lose it. Lets hope that safety evolves that little bit more to help eliminate the fatalities associated with our sport and that to me in conjunction with some respect for the equipment being operated will keep Dumont as the family fun place we all love to come to and enjoy.

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