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Presidents Weekend 2017 pics and reports


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IMG_4160.JPGWell my weekend started off great freshly built suspension tune up and a couple other things car was running great. We showed up a little later than anticipated on Friday waited for another couple in our group to show up once they did got the car ready and took it out for a quick night ride car was running great. Then morning came rained all over the car took it out running ok then BAM just dies and got it fired back up only to have it rev out at 3k . After being under the canopy for two hours with rain now pouring down and tearing into motor to see what was going on and testing electrical and plugs coils and whatever else I could. Came to the conclusion that one of the seniors were wet and causing all this headache. Got the car running again then the clutch slave decided to start leaking as I'm out on comp but at least some  friends were there to help out once that was kinda fixed watched some jeep racing and took the car out one last run. All in all it was a good weekend I believe even though a few minor set backs. 


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Sand Drags were cool. Don't know know if they happen in Amargosa anymore. These guys are dedicated to their sport, and that's cool.


Regardless, we showed up late Saturday morning, rode 80 miles on Sunday, and the wind got us this morning. 


Let it dry, and we'll hit it again next weekend. God Bless Dumont.


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See my ride report on duneanddirt.com    Overall, a great weekend!  We installed a new Tiki God at the South Pole (Mr. Black), and tore up the dunes during the wind storm!  We did see a guy being hauled out on the rescue buggy;  does anyone know what happened?

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Well came home last night and to my surprise Jess had knocked out a President's Day video already!! I think it came out great but I'm bias. We had a great weekend and for the most part our group showed up in force despite the weather reports. I feel the weather was not nearly as bad as everyone predicted. Some of our group arrived the Sunday before and did nothing but brag about the good dunes and weather they had so we were determined to make it a great trip. We pulled in Thursday around 1030 and the road sucked!!!! But we got situated and went on our first run. I put stiffer springs on front of the car and my god what a difference, it just eats everything up. This was our first long weekend out with it and the nastier the dunes the car didn't care and made it through the weekend without incident. During the course of our first ride one of my buddies had an incident in his car causing him to roll. Luckily he is the smart one and wears a helmet. His car, while looked bad held up great and should be back up and going soon. Then the rain came and I got bored staring at each other so I rounded some peeps up and we duned lightly in our trucks and had a great time. The Utah portion of our group had planned a year ago it was time to erect a new South Pole and it came out awesome!!! Lots of cool trinkets on it thanks to broken buggies lol. Overall great weekend and looking forward to the cleanup and sub group meeting their holding out there. 







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11 minutes ago, HANK said:

Do many folks ride bikes at these dunes.. looks like lots of 4 wheel rides from the threads.. 




Not many people actually ride out there anymore. Most people have buggies and SxS's. Quads are almost a thing of the past it seems. But I've noticed more and more dirtbikes lately though so yeah. Cool product. I just had to fab up a mount for my bike a couple days ago. This would have worked well too.

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