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New Years Weekend looking chilly


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Anyone going out? We're not. It looks cold. 😆 :northpole:

Looking at the forecast, the overnight lows will be dipping below freezing this coming weekend. There looks to be a bit of W, but it should be done by Saturday. Just a reminder to double check those water levels in the batteries, top off that propane, and bring extra firewood! We use a Buddy Heater in our toyhauler to help heat it up quickly. I also set it at the kitchen table in the morning and crank it up. It's like sitting around the fire without having to go outside. :laughing:


@b370 has been out there this week. 






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9 hours ago, dunefreak said:

Agreed. That's not why we're not going out though. We already have other plans and the buggy isn't even prepped. Have fun, Mike!

Testing and tuning another car that broke a valve on his last run. Still should be a good weekend. Gotta get cold sometime.


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Heading out as early as possible on Friday AM, once I get home from work 


Cold no big deal, Getting away and having fun Big Deal 😎


Have Two Sandrails this year, woohoo..  Hopefully they both run well all weekend...

and a Mansion on Wheels 🤑



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Just a reminder about the government shutdown. BLM rangers will still be there on site, but there will be no fire or medical. 911 should still be used for emergencies. 


And don't forget, if you have dogs please keep them on a leash. Many people light off fireworks on New Years (even though it's illegal out there) and dogs always get scared, run off and go missing. 

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BLM is here they rolled through our camp yesterday and hung out at vendors. 


Biggest issue is the loose sands in the main camping areas. Plenty of people getting stuck.  

Some pits of misery worse than other areas. Everyone is helping everyone in other camps too. 

Airing down your tow vehicle to 40 lbs seems to be the magic number. 

First I’ve seen this condition in over 20 years. 

Cold winds still with us. Killer witch eyes galore. 


The turbo YFZs still holding up. Stage 5 insane fast up the hill. Now if they could solve the recurring blown head gaskets and fussy 3rd gear sputtering. 

Fun to watch them jump up comp. 


Watching  the sunset with a brief lull in the winds:


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2 hours ago, dunefreak said:

Thanks for the update. If anyone can post a dune report on Saturday, I'd appreciate it. 





Breezy and quiet this Sat morning. 


5150 Whips said they read on Facebook someone rolled their sand rail yesterday but driver was OK, rail done for the trip. 


Winds had mostly been from the east and northeast and that means slippery towing on the flats. Lots of quicksand pits. 


If if anyone needs assistance we’re unhooked, air downed and can help. 818 4192620. 

Remember if you needed help getting in you’ll need it getting out. 

Seem less treacherous between the rockpile and restroom. 

Between the RR to vendors pretty treacherous.  

The guys that you expect to ace it got stuck, the guys you’re sure will get stuck aced it. 


We did a fast group run yesterday evening about 8 vehicles and had a blast.  

Report back after a few runs today, Saturday. 


BTW: Wife is a Vegetarian and makes an amazing smoked cantaloupe and rice dish we want to some day some trip run over to you Pete. 

Off the chain deeeeeelicious. 

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Not that busy a Holiday,, yet. I’d say half of what turned out last year. 

After the winds the dunes saw action but we didn’t encounter too much cross traffic. 


A couple married at the North Pole yesterday: CE374269-668C-4B63-BF62-DD8356EED929.thumb.jpeg.9dacb0ec02c818e9d819c3378040b913.jpeg


Sheriffs wrote a helmet ticket and were checking registration at the North Pole while they were at it.  They are running unmarked vehicles. 

Dune condition outstanding IMHO. 


Wasnt able to get a video but a new, showroom stock F150 was rolling up and down comp hill and was fantastic. Stock tires too. 

I’ll shoot some video today if they return. 


One of our group installed the full blast big turbo package on his new Can Am X3 and it runs flawless and super fast. 

Beat the turbo YXZ’s, impressive. Has launch control that works dope. A steamer. 


The guys with the Turbo package YXZs are still dealing with issues and burning through money and patience. 


Skinner rolled by in his X3 RS max and has the suspension dialed in perfect. Car stays level and straight over the whoops outstanding. Impressive. 

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Over cast and chilly this morning. Accuweather says it’s 45f but seems much colder. Winds predicted for later. 


A noticeable amount of campers left yesterday. Some not getting Monday off we figure. 

Our camp will disperse Wednesday. 


Tonight we we cook the DUMONT ribs and dirty rice for everyone then onto comp hill for NYE. 


Guys with the headache and wallet burning

Turbo YXZs have parked them and are once again hauling the family in their 4 seater Rzrs. 

If you’re considering a YXZ Turbo kit ya might want to talk to them first. They have seen the elephant. 


I know one model of the new  2019 YXZ has the beefed up connecting rods and a few other Turbo ready features on the engines. Also the Rzr lug pattern BTW. 


Clutch and mapping issues and a hole in the turbo housing this timeOut. I think they are flirting with $50 to $ $60k on these builds. 


The “Package” Turbo X3 RS sensational performance and runs dope. 


Strong winds hit just this minute. 

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