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Cleanup weekend (March 15-17)


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Anyone else headed out for cleanup weekend?


This will be the season-closing trip for us. 😥 I'm looking forward to it though. Hope to see some DDR members out there. 


Here's some info on the cleanup if anyone needs it.


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Jason, @JeepingJay36 / president of Friends of Dumont Dunes, recently jacked his knee up pretty bad. Here is an update from him regarding the cleanup. It's still on, but just no raffle. 



*** UPDATE from Jason/ Friends of Dumont Dunes***

RE: Dumont Dunes Clean-up March, 16th 2019

As some of you already know, I suffered a pretty bad knee injury two weeks ago. I will heal but unfortunately I am unable to walk, let alone drive for the next 4-6 weeks at best.

Unable to put on the clean-up as I have in the past I proposed a few workarounds to the amazing staff at the BLM Barstow Field Office immediately following my injury. I have received word today that the BLM in conjunction with some FoDD board members and some great friends will be teaming up and taking on the role and ensuring that the clean-up will take place in my absence.

The food menu will be changed to a simpler hot dog/chili dog/nachos/chips/water configuration and their will not be a quick draw this year.

I apologize for the inconvenience, however, I would like for you and your family/group to continue to join in the mission of participating in the clean-up, making it a great time and enjoying doing the right thing for the place we all love.

I will make sure that next year's clean-up will be the biggest and best yet to make up for this last minute change.

Thank you for your time and support! I'll see all of you in October at the Trunk or Treat Season Opener!

Jason Ardenski
Friends of Dumont Dunes

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We're FINALLY able to get back out! Haven't been since MLK weekend! That's like a life time for us! Darn promotion to manager for me and Mike being an employee again! Ah life is good, even if the sand time has to suffer. 😁

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