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Buggy Roundup 9 Trip Photos and Reports


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What an awesome weekend. It was so great seeing everyone and meeting so many new people at this year's buggy roundup. Thank you all for coming out and making this trip such a fun time. It has evolved into something that everyone always looks forward to every season. "Best trip of the season!" 


We didn't get in until late so I'll have to share more later. 


I believe we had 54 cars at sandcars and coffee. Please post any photos, stories, or memories you have from the weekend! 



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Good looking aerial shot my car didn’t even make that lol because it was off to the left with a broken axle but a huge thanks to Jason Alper, Craig and Dan. Dan for pointing me in the right direction for an axle Craig for the axle and Alper for the fuel AN adapter had a blast like we do every year even with the car breaking 





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Had a good time as usual. Met some cool people at coffee and doughnuts. I spent most of my duning time solo as it was my first trip with my new to me car and I didn't want to be in the way. Thanks again to Pete and Anna along with everyone else who helped put this on. I can't wait to see the pics Neal and Tim took.


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Where to start....


What a great trip once again. This weekend never disappoints! Got in Thursday noon and unloaded and just hung out at camp. Thursday night was Tri-tip at Dan and Amanda's trailer, effen great food! Thanks you two for putting this together. Friday got up and saw more people had arrived overnight and it was shaping up to be a big circle (if you can call it that). Did some riding, trying to take it easy before the round up on Saturday. Friday night shenanigan's at the fire and off to bed. Saturday was the day! Over 50 cars in the camp all lined up, even went out of camp so a few cars made a second line. After cars and coffee was the big ride. Myself and Neil headed out to get a good location for photos as the caravan went by. It was so cool watching you all strung out across many dunes at the same time. I tried my best to get you all but I know I did miss 1 or 2 of you as my camera had other ideas! Then photos at the drags as the big boys were showing off.


The raffle was amazing once again! Everyone's donations made this event a great success. I managed to snag me a fuel jug! The bidding for the tow hitch cover, you had to be there to see how nuts it was, the money was going to the website so the bidding got way out of hand which was a good thing. The rest of the time was spent just goofing off and getting in a ride or 2. Sunday the weather couldn't have been better. Pete, Anna, Josh and myself had one last ride and Pete had is drone overhead. Not a super fast ride which was good as I wanted to load my car up under it's own power and head home soon.


Thanks to Pete and Anna for once again allowing me to crash in their trailer. And to all my friends that I only see there, it was good seeing you and I am looking forward to Round-up 10!


I will load up a few favorites here but the big photodump is on my website-  https://www.619actionphoto.com/Desert/Dumont-Dunes-Dune-Buggy-Round-Up-9/i-gnthh4s


Feel free to look for your favorites and download them for free. 


Until next time.








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What a good time! My rail is broke so I brought the Baja Bug and thought it wouldn't be much fun but I was wrong. It was a blast! Great seeing everyone I haven't seen in a long time. Big thanks to Pete and Anna for continuing this great event. The raffle was crazy!


The photos I took are ready and available to download. The Gallery is setup for free digital download. If you like the photos, please consider a donation. My PayPal is fe135@yahoo.com.


You can find the pictures at https://www.nealrideoutphotography.com/2021roundup or just go to fe135.com and you will see them.


Some of you really put on a show and the photos reflect it. Thanks all! Some samples added.N85_3985_.thumb.jpg.b6043759071ba27f9dc9728f1b8e9aa7.jpgN85_4068_.thumb.jpg.e7ed6ca6816a1f30011f24f0f5953136.jpgN85_4103_.thumb.jpg.89c4e9fa14a1b991b3a4e4c2eed8965d.jpgN85_4373_.thumb.jpg.e07a8140e03f6a4f101d020da2ca1fa5.jpgN85_4552_.thumb.jpg.37353b0db2e0f195a034ff5c16476c2e.jpgN85_4577_.thumb.jpg.d7840956b6f06bf13725318a3cfda6e3.jpgN85_4733_-EX.thumb.jpg.e3833b480b713a9f85221f9d70147704.jpgN85_4737_.thumb.jpg.fc16a647e73e4da24280494a99e059fc.jpgN85_4860_.thumb.jpg.c90c7182e07640749e4bf99e5a1afa04.jpgN85_4894_-EX.thumb.jpg.bb61c49d7d557c6c193b0f0db9856be8.jpgN85_5023_-EX.thumb.jpg.3bb67fb88c23ff564711d90353871c31.jpg

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I was doing ok justifying to myself it was ok to miss this year until now. It would have been a lot to do but i think i could have swung the day trip for saturday but I whimped out. Now i am kicking myself.

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