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  1. 1HP at Dumont never looked so good

    Going to need a lot of post editing to get those tracks out of the sand.
  2. Mazzone 5 link

    Mike Mazzone knew his cars well. Coilovers would be a good upgrade. His cars will only go up in value I feel. Sucks that he passed away in a plane crash in Glamis a few months ago.
  3. Baker to Vegas

    I am with the Border Patrol team. I think leg 2 starts right at the entrance to Dumont. We should be in that area around 10ish. Last year I wanted to take our suburban out to the dunes but we need to follow the runner! Hope the weather isn't too hot.
  4. Baker to Vegas

    It starts early Saturday Morning. My team is set to start at 9am.
  5. Stu blaster 33x15 #2 cut

    Still available?
  6. Stu blaster 33x15 #2 cut

    I am headed to King Of Hammers tomorrow. If you are near there I will take them. I am headed there from San Diego up the 15. Check you messages for my cell.
  7. Rear torsion bar "HELP"

    Been there done that, glad you caught it and was able to make the fix.
  8. Rear torsion bar "HELP"

    I hope you marked where those came out. That way you can put them back the same way. If not your going to have one side with more pressure than the other side. The torsion bars hopefully stayed in so that is half the battle. Just make sure both sides go on at the same angle and you should be ok.
  9. Buggy Roundup 4, Great Weekend!

    Here's a video I threw together. I was waiting for Pete to finish his. Click on the box on the right of the screen. http://www.619actionphoto.com/Drone-Videos/i-WhDkpwq
  10. Fry Oil Disposal?

    Smudge pot, if someone has one.
  11. Buggy Roundup 4 Weekend Report

    Great video Pete.
  12. Star Wars Land speeder strikes again!

    PICKY PICKY PICKY Cool video.
  13. Buggy Roundup 4, Great Weekend!

    Another great weekend. Plenty of new people to meet and a lot of familiar faces too. Thanks to Pete and Anna for doing what it takes to keep DDR up and running allowing us all to get together for trips like this. I am sure its not said enough but we all appreciate it. Had a blast running around with all the buggies/bikes/can-ams and everything else that joined in. I stayed to the rear just to enjoy the view of all the cars in a LONG-ASS line. It was cool to see us stretch out 4 to 5 bowls as we weaved around Dumont. I have some great videos from my drone, Pete has them and I am sure he will make a sweet video of it all pretty soon. Sandy was pretty relaxed this weekend but she still got around and managed to make it home. Well, after Pete hauled butt in his rail to find me while I was leaving to get her back to me. The Carne/Chicken meal was the highlight topped off with some great fights. Carrie and myself kept on cooking till it was all gone and manage to stuff our faces while doing it. I didn't take many pictures as we duned, but here is what I got around camp and the final sunset of the trip. The circles are steel wool in a wisk and spun around while taking a long exposure picture. Me,Pete,Anna and Steve were laughing our butts off while taking these.
  14. 4th Annual Buggy Roundup

    Nice, A lot of familiar name and plenty of new ones. Should be a great trip. I will be hitting the road in the AM, should be there around 9ish. Sandy is already trying to break into the Coors Light!