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How was Thanksgiving?

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Wanted to go out to the dunes for the holiday, but chose to see grandparents instead. Was curious about how busy it was. On my way to work I saw toy hauler after toy hauler s/b on the 15 fwy.

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Awesome weather and entrance road was near perfect, but the dunes were tore up bad. Had a great time though!!!!

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Exactly what Joe said. Only had one buggy in our camp so for me it was kinda slow running with quads behind me, but today it was myself and s RZR 1000 and it was a great run! Still tore up but was able to get a great run in regardless as no one was in the dunes!! But still a day at Dumont beats a day at home regardless.

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Less crowd than past years, but still a decent turnout. I think the only major accident that was reported was the one Wed night. The waterpumpers ran the hill climbs on Saturday. Weather was epic. Dunes were tore up real good but the car took them pretty well. Glad I left the bike at home. Vendor row was a good turnout I thought.

I'll post up more later. I took some pics.

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Awesome weekend! Have the video from the first run we did Pete with Randy getting some air behind you about half way through uploading right now! Was rough riding the bike out there but it was Nice being out in the dunes again!

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Video finally up! Great run with Pete, Randy, Mark, Lindsay, and Steve! Randy getting some air doing a wheelie. First time making a video on the gopro tell me what you think!

Edited by dumontdude10

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Right on. It's always good to see a dune run from a different view. I always have mine running but it doesn't get much when I'm leading which is almost every time. This trip I pointed it backwards and got some great stuff like when we flopped over comp.


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I had a great week at Dumont.

We headed out Sunday afternoon, so we could spend Mike's birthday out there and get a couple of days riding in before the work begins.

Not much beats watching the sun go down at the North Pole.

Boy was it rough out there even before everyone showed up. I was getting beat up in those big wet ruts, but still had fun. I certainly didn't miss riding after two days of roughness. :cripple:

It was very busy on Vendor Row, busiest on Black Friday, we even had some blow out specials.

Missed Grandpa's Ice Cream Shop, wonder what happened to them :dunno:

The sunsets were spectacular and having snow in the hills made a beautiful view.

We did a little bit of camp hopping and a trip to comp on Saturday night. Good times with everyone :beercheers:

Some pics from the weekend....


























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I also took a bunch of random people pics while we were sitting at the North Pole a couple of times. You never know you might be in one of them...

































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Here's a few random pics. The rest are on my photography site. (link below the pics)



JVZ's new paint job!











Joe Duner sighting!




lvnalolife and family :)









TRACKED out dunes




Vendor row


Chillen on top of a dune.


The rest are here... http://www.actionshutter.net/SandSports-1/Dumont-Dunes-Thanksgiving-2013/

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I don't feel like typing a novel so I will just touch on some of the great parts of the weekend.

  • It was great getting back out and running with the crew again.
  • Weather was epic
  • Broke a few things and had plenty of stupid small issues, but nothing that ruined the trip or stopped me from running or having fun
  • killed another mason jar of Apple Pie. Damn that stuff is smooth although Whitney doesn't think so.
  • JVZ (Jason) did a damn good job with his sandcar. He just upgraded to a Mendi trans and had to do ALOT of mods to make it work. He had zero issues all weekend. I'm thinking he should be a mechanic instead of a realtor, although that would be a bad move. haha
  • The late night conversations never get dull around the fire. #dirtywordsaroundchadskid #sorry #notsorry #zerofucksgiven LOL! Jason was on a roll. Hilarious night.
  • tore up dunes but thankful for long travel. The car handled it great. I'm doing a top to bottom bolt check though!
  • Lindsay B is not only a great rider but kills it behind the wheel too. :driver:
  • Good to see a couple legendary vertical Randog wheelies!
  • GTP Offroad seemed to be a popular spot for duners. That's great to see.
  • Holidays aren't my choice for dune weekends, but it's great running into friends everywhere you go. Nothing like pulling up to the north pole and having tons of friends from different groups out there to say hi to and chat with. Except barefoot bob. mafaka! He needs to get back out there.

Overall it was a great weekend and best of all everyone I know got home safely. Time to get crackin on my list of stuff to roll back out on the 13th for the buggy roundup!

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awesome trip for us as well.

Does anyone know why the camp up on the hill past bathroom 3 was what looked like a raid and the rangers made and watched them pack their crap and leave Saturday night. the burned/rich kid Joey was camped there.

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awesome trip for us as well.

Does anyone know why the camp up on the hill past bathroom 3 was what looked like a raid and the rangers made and watched them pack their crap and leave Saturday night. the burned/rich kid Joey was camped there.

A couple things but I heard there was some unapproved/ non-permitted filming going on.

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Finally got some time to just sit and post about this trip without falling asleep. lol (happened the other night)

With all the chaos I'm dealing with on my house construction this trip took my mind right off all that shizzz. :unsure:

We had an awesome time. It had been since I think March since I've been to D.

During the first run I felt home again. :headbang1:

We had a smaller camp for Tday than usual, but it was a good size with great friends.

My son Ryder had his best friend Grant camp with us and they rode around camp on their quads for three days straight. :atv::atv:

Ryd needed that since I canceled the Halloween trip. :undecided: (construction).

He was also enjoying the buggy rides way more than last season. and kept askin to go on another.

Imma need a new car in 14 years when I hand him the keys to my Hotrails. :shocked: LOOK OUT PEEPS!

This was our first trip with our puppy Shelby. She did really good with only a few 'run out of camps'( better than expected ).

And now she has a best dune friend Oreo. They were tearin' it up all weekend. :beat:

Whitney and the rest of our camp put on an awesome feast.

Krusty's traditional turkeys cooked in the ground were delish again.

As for me, yes, I did my usual 'stay up the latest' when I probably need the sleep more than anyone. :coocoo: well maybe not more than NEW Daddy Jason.

Been there, man that really wipes you out.

Thanks Paul and Reese for the 5am BSn' :drunk: I thought that was Vegas. :nuts:

Vegas Style's Jalapeno poppers are the schizzz. instant hick-ups, but..... gimme another!

Our buddy Jason and his #hashtags had us rolling pretty good. :laughoff: Fire clown in town.

Buggy rides were a little rougher than I like, but we were able to put together some great runs.

Loub, Dunefreak, and I all led a few to mix it up, and it seemed we all hadn't skipped a beat.

Glad Krusty is keeping his car. Wouldn't be the same without you duning with us mang.

Seems to be no challenge for Lindsay to rip the dunes on her quad or her dads buggy like a natural.

Look for a wright up in Sand Sports on her as Neal Rideout was snappin' shots of her jumpin the buggy by Banshee hill.

Looking forward to OFF weekends to stay in fourth longer out there.

Was cool to go to the hill one evening for the first time in a long time.

I tried to play a little on it but it was just tore up too much for my car to handle right.

BS'd with a couple veteran VW dudes almost the whole night about VW buggys and carburetors and such.

good to see the crazies out there again.

Well I just want to thank everyone that helped make my trip so awesome. I needed it bad.

Was really cool to see some of my dune friends again.

Also thanks for posting the pics and videos that you guys took.

Hope to see you guys sooner than later,



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Right on, Randizz. It was an awesome weekend. There's so much more to the weekend than duning when all the right people are there. We were still short a handful of good peeps, but it was great to finally get back out with you guys. Last season didn't work out so well for our schedule withour remodel. I hope you guys can make it out for the buggy trip.

PS, very glad to hear Mark decided to keep the car. I figured that was just some typical off season thoughts. One good run with the crew and I knew he'd have to reconsider.

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