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4th Annual Buggy Roundup


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 Hopefully there will be no fees attached to the "special  recreational permit".  If there is let me know because I would be happy to Pitch in.  We have that weekend planned with the Other dune-ning enthusiasts. 


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So then was our Thanksgiving weekend camping with friends also considered an event?


We sent out invites to see how many wanted to attend, so we could then see how many people were going to be there. Then we organized a group dinner, potluck style. There were organized kid activities, with cookie decorating and t-shirt making. We had corn hole competitions, friendly of course, not betting, but it was still a competition with winners and losers. There was also a birthday party with cake, that we shared as a group. We sent out invites to that as well. And we went on group organized dune runs. And one person made cobbler for all. All of this was among friends and a "Facebook Event" was created. But this is standard procedure for each and every one of our weekends spent at Dumont Dunes. 


I don't see how this is any different from any other group of friends, getting together and camping. This takes organization and inviting, when did inviting become advertising? 


A couple of definitions! 

  1. offering the promise of an attractive or enjoyable experience.


  1. the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.
    FYI ~ 
    I plan to camp in the general vicinity of the camp area of Dumont Dunes on that particular weekend, where ever there is cell service;)
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Well good news. After faxing over 25 pages of permit application information to BLM earlier today, they called me shortly after to say we're good to go. I can even advertise for it. They just needed to know the details. I learned a little bit more today about the BLM and the permits. I'm glad to find out they aren't out to get us like it had seemed. It's much easier to work together than against each other. 


With that said, Buggy Roundup is a GO. Looking forward to hanging out with everyone from previous years as well as meeting some new faces for the 4th Annual trip. It looks like we'll have a good group so far. Thanks for the support, guys. 

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4 minutes ago, White Rhino said:

Oh then how about a 70 regatta!!😳🤔👍


Right? lol Already had this discussion with Anna tonight. Hmm, I think there may be a little light at the end of the tunnel for that as long as we don't incorporate a couple things that require a permit. More on that later. In the meantime, we're duning soon! Really looking forward to this trip.



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OK guys, here's where we'll be camped for the Buggy Roundup. 


We'll be camped in C-6 on the grid map. It's mostly hard packed in this area so there shouldn't be any issues of anyone getting stuck. There's usually decent cel reception there too as far as Verizon goes.



Here's an interactive Google Map of the camp area.


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11 minutes ago, Mike @ GTP OFF ROAD said:

I will be heading out there Wednesday night. Can't wait. 


Sweet. Then you might be the first one there. Maybe you can claim the camp, unless you'll be camped elsewhere like you did last time. :slap::laughing:


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3 minutes ago, Mike @ GTP OFF ROAD said:

I am hoping there is cell service there this year. Just let me know how many are supposed to show up. 


Cool. I'll try to get a headcount as it gets closer. I would guess at least as many (if not more) as that pic I posted a few posts back.

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I'm glad you got that BLM BullShit taken care of:mad:

A friend of mine at work is a Crazy Long Distance Runner.

She gathered with a group of her friends at the parking area of the Blue Diamond Rd (where the mountain biking is) (about 12 folks total).

They planned to run a mile per year of her birthday..  That was going to be 34miles.  (Did I say Crazy Long Distance Runner).

Well, they only made it to 30miles.

An F'ing BLM Ranger stopped them and Cited her (yes the BDay Girl) for having an unsanctioned event.

She contacted friends ahead of time and arranged to meet and run.

Attorney Friends were able to get it dropped.

But, she was still F'ing Cited.  So, every Meet-up group is in violation.  Every one of you that contacts a buddy to meet and ride, run, walk or whatever is in violation.  Every organizing a gathering of friends on sites like this is in violation.  I used to ride with the M2W group, I would have to say that probably every one of their rides are in violation.

I only say this as warning about the BS going on with the BLM.  I read the rules of Sanctioned events.  Very wide open to Cite whoever they want.

It is BullShit and all depends on if the Ranger that day has a hair up his/he ass. 

It is very Sad:mad:



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On 11/8/2016 at 2:05 PM, DirtBikeGuy said:

If I was going I would say I might be able to keep up since I dropped the rear seats for a more aggressive power to weight ratiojoyner.png

DAMN! I almost miss that little buggy!!! But not now with the Maverick!

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