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4th Annual Buggy Roundup


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21 hours ago, dunefreak said:


Even though your motor isn't done, shoot out there for the day or night on Saturday to say hi and hang out. You're right there in Pahrump right?

While engine is in rebuild mode, I'm doing many upgrades to the rail.

Looks like engine will be done this weekend

My upgrades are almost done.

Pulling POS engine and installing new engine this weekend


Thanks again and have a great weekend :-)



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15 hours ago, GETSOME said:

We are rolling in with one rig (guys trip), Motorhome with enclosed buggy trailer; should be there about 5:00 pm. Can't wait to meet you guys and have fun out there in the sand!!!:rockwoot:


I don't see ya yet. Are you here?


12 hours ago, Sandblower said:

I'm out.   Another year that I haven't been able to pull it off.  bummed!


Sorry to hear that, Paul. :(



11 hours ago, printerpat said:

I want in! Hoping to camp with you all.



You're in! Just pull up. You can't miss us. I think we're literally the only camp here. lol



10 hours ago, MohrPrf said:

can't make it...gotta work....:mad:


Ahh bummer man. 

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3 hours ago, Creepynewguy said:

Well I was almost all loaded up and ready, on my way down the stairs I fell and I'm now at st rose with a broken leg........ so I won't be making it this year

That really sucks sorry  to hear, hope you heal quickly

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