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4th Annual Buggy Roundup


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Not looking good for my Engine to be in by this weekend.

My Good Buddy at DogHouse Repair here in Pahrump is doing an outstanding job of the rebuild.

This will be the biggest VW engine I have ever owned.  

Phil is a kick ass engine builder and a Great Guy.  (I know he has got some sh*t on here about a Closed New Year incident a few years back).


Note:  The VW bug that won first in the Pahrump 250 this past weekend, was powered by a DogHouse Phil build.  Great racing Garey :-)


Hope to make it out next weekend for a test run and then New Years.

You all have a Great Buggy Roundup :-)

Maybe next year for us.


Thank you,



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14 minutes ago, jetjock15 said:

So I think it equals about 7-8 adults and 3-4 for our crew, 4 toyhaulers. You use forum funds for tacos or do we need to pitch in? Excited for UFC. 




I'll be covering the cost of the tacos. Still having a hard time figuring out how much food to buy. I'm just going to have to make my best guess and hope there's enough to go around or not way too much extra. Thinking 15-20 lbs of carne and maybe the same amount of pollo. 


We'll put a donation bucket out for ufc so we can pay back dent boy. He's ordering the fight. 

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Here is the most current list I can come up with. Those with question marks are unconfirmed due to either a maybe RSVP or blown motor. lol 


Add your name if you haven't yet.


dunefreak & duniemonkie

Mike@GTP, sandchick

vegas style













702KARR (Brian & Amanda)

Matt A from 4 The Truck





Sand buddy


dent boy





BAM racing


Lou B



Mustache Motorsports


Chris Martin

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8 hours ago, IrnBear said:

Wow, lots of folks on that list.

Dang sorry I'm going to miss it.

You folks all have a great time and be safe.

Weather looks like it will be awesome :-)




Even though your motor isn't done, shoot out there for the day or night on Saturday to say hi and hang out. You're right there in Pahrump right?

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Just a reminder to keep the circle BIG. Don't cut it too short. I think we're going to have at least as many people as last year, if not more. I'd recommend leaving some space between RVs when you park so if we have to squeeze people in later on the outside, the outer circle peeps aren't completely cut off. I should be there later today sometime. 

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Nice, A lot of familiar name and plenty of new ones. Should be a great trip. I will be hitting the road in the AM, should be there around 9ish.



Sandy is already trying to break into the Coors Light!


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