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Buggy Roundup 7 Trip Reports


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Wow, what a fun weekend! Thank you all so much for coming out, contributing, donating, and participating to make Buggy Roundup such a success and a great time. We had right about 50 cars total and a really fun group as always. I think we served about 120-130 people on taco night!


Please post up your photos and highlights here. I will add more when I recover from the weekend. haha I'm exhausted! 







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25 minutes ago, sandrash1 said:

Pete, you and group did a really nice job on this.. Glad I was able to make it. Will make it for sure next year. Thanks for all you did. 

Thank you Ken. Glad you were able to make it out! Nice to meet you. 

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I’ve been jonesing so bad for this thread. I was planning to be there but couldn’t make it out. It was going to be my first trip this year. Last year was such a good time. Looks like this year didn’t disappoint!

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We showed up Wednesday night and we already had a few in camp: @sandmandan, @tmerrell, @Josh Weber, & Gary & Cindy. @jalper and @sandrash1 pulled in later that night. We got set up and were ready for the weekend. :beerpint:





There were maybe only 3 other camps out there as the sun came up.



Gary made me, Therron and Dan some amazing bloody marys. 

IMG_20191212_092202816_HDR.jpg  IMG_20191212_092150462.jpg 


We all went for an afternoon cruise.






Alper didn't get the memo, but we got him on the radio and he found us in no time flat.









More people started showing up Thursday afternoon and by Thursday night we had the circle almost completely formed already!


@bp-guy brought Sandy and her new boyfriend out and they put on a show. LOL





Anna and Tim played with Amanda & Brian's dogs.





We had an awesome sunset that night.





Anna and Amanda posed for some sunset shots.






And a full moon



Dan & Amanda hosted a Trip-tip dinner. Holy cow it was good!



@Dent boy showed up with his brand new, just barely done in time, twin turbo stroker LS! I'm so stoked he got it done in time. 



@ItsWeeks showed up and unloaded his Prius. LOL jk, it was parked behind his rig. 



The smudge pot was lit and that's Thursday!



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First off I want to thank Pete, Anna, Brian, Amanda & everyone else who came together to make this a fun event.Bravo guys! I had a great time! I had a blast riding with many of you.


It's going to take a little time to go through all the photos. Please bear with me. I also might try something different for most of the photos. I would like to offer most for free. If you like them, would you consider a donation to my PayPal? Whatever you think they are worth. Struggling artist kinda thing.


Here are a few samples to hold you all over. I wanted to capture a bunch of you with your cars using a fisheye lens. Thought it would be fun.


I'll post up when the photos are done and on my website. I have been sneek peeking some on my social media.


Thanks all!!!N71_4384_.thumb.jpg.a79749fed2f5cb4f463cdb25a846e4f5.jpgN71_4385_.thumb.jpg.0dbf03604a47b8c759bee2c1bebba424.jpgN71_4386_.thumb.jpg.51869cbad72da7e7882e541b497b28cb.jpgN71_4388_.thumb.jpg.176f4b2b00b19cfe30f61a99a23fc431.jpgN71_4392_.thumb.jpg.f26a0230eda2e024f3c5d9b5239c0c30.jpgN71_4393_.thumb.jpg.8be9399948742d472970e90d6d9b2cd7.jpgN71_4398_.thumb.jpg.87b622c2ff2915296e7004292462bece.jpgN71_4401_.thumb.jpg.6a64c817a2b9b24ea6640db2b9011455.jpgN71_4402_.thumb.jpg.a0081fac7044d0808595837b5c61405f.jpgN71_4403_.thumb.jpg.1eeb1216403cc9ef2fef0dd5701b4daf.jpgN71_4404_.thumb.jpg.5c0a8e3f5529d86f2c369eac50b8b002.jpgN71_4406_.thumb.jpg.21d679085715c2c2d7c53a8083cbdca7.jpgN71_4407_.thumb.jpg.c6a8ac96dd470cefd0b1acf84db21cf8.jpgN71_4408_.thumb.jpg.c2e7a902a2c07479f8da32711ef459e9.jpgN71_4409_.thumb.jpg.0f3905c470cd54be2b0a161d3fe8b4af.jpgN71_4411_.thumb.jpg.64842c9d116f245dc4ca0f4bdf669d9b.jpgN71_4412_.thumb.jpg.96cb964b2e9883b914a044bb841f5fd0.jpgN71_4413_.thumb.jpg.75e27d760c8e95c41b35e0a0ab9e5496.jpgN71_4416_.thumb.jpg.33a8e5e3925bd0852834d2fdf7be9c67.jpgN71_4423_.thumb.jpg.41bb16567df0d86c18022569639dd63c.jpgN71_4426_.thumb.jpg.eeb97d24d1743a5116c53dbe7e995bf2.jpgN71_4428_.thumb.jpg.da04bf28d8c59ed2568580446b291e19.jpgN71_4429_.thumb.jpg.03b1e639c305bc8588007907f9068a51.jpgN71_4442_.thumb.jpg.6640ddda9091ad6e6fbcc4ec034f982b.jpg

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What a hell of weekend. We enjoyed every minute of it being our first time with the group. We felt like we was just part of the family. Outstanding job by Pete and Anna and whoever else helped coordinate it and put it on. I can honestly say no one was disappointed. Can’t wait to see y’all again soon. Thanks for allowing Us into the group


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