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SSSS 07 pics and such

sand chick

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Just got back from SSSS :cripple:

That was pretty cool.

I bought an entire riding outfit for $30.00 :blink:

Got to see alot of cool things, see some friends :lol:

Met Barefootbob :whoop:

Took some pics, go figure

I don't care who you are those Razors are pretty cool!!


:think: I think I see one in someones future


Some interesting odds and ends

I KNOW Bob's going to want this!! :redhat:



post-2396-1189913193_thumb.jpg <----------These were inavative


Lots of cool cars, but this was my personal favorite! :bawl:


I NEED TO GET ME THIS!!! Won't be available in this color for 2 months :(


What we say on the way home! :dunno: I hope everyone was ok. Pickup on its side totally gone :(


I'll post the rest in the gallery later :mic:

Thanks again Don for taken me down :watching:

I'll send your Viper video in a minute!! :grin:

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:redhat: i was there i saw yous 2 guys/gals don29palms/ buggy chick saw pete and "ah na" aka monkie randog, pauly , ynot , sailaway , joe duner, sand snake and bruce from cbm and monsterman. me and "ah na" were dancing the monkey :lol: im sure those pics will show :dunno:

had fun, not overly impressed with the new cars out there. basicly the same with great big tires. next theyll be buying old big foots to dune with :blink:

the razor is bad azz with long travel and some motor mods that would be a bonified duner !!!

that impressed me the most.

starting to see more and more big blocks and actually saw a ford powered buggy. i didnt lean on it for fear it would fall apart :watching::cripple:

there was a freightliner motorhome with 4 slides that was just awsom and i really liked the stacker trailers.

ill add more later i just got home gonna go jump in the jacuzzi ( i am so sore ) walk walk walk lol see you guys later

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Nice pics you guy's glad you had fun :D

those [ics are all buggy chick i need to check my camera lol i spent more time socializing i forgot to snap pics gotta see what the wife found........................................................

heres some of the razor we liked roll bar needs to be another color but you get the idea

there were better looking rzrs there but this one was 17,000 it was actually affordable



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Had a great time hanging down there over the weekend with good friends, looking forward to the season kickoff. This by far was my favorite car, dont think I have to say why....SF Woody :ban-split:



Here ya go Jim.....


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Yiah :laughoff: Yiah :laughoff:

The show was way cool. Awesome stuff out there. The RVs are just gettin better every year.

The best part of the show was Chillin' with all you DDR peeps that went. :ban-split:

The bar at the beach kicked arse. :laughoff:

Thanks for the ride Woods. :thumb:

I didn't want to leave, but "I never want to stop partyin" if anyone didn't know me yet. :laughoff:

We didn't even get to the Jager yet :laughoff: O'well :flipoff: I was poundin' beers like they were free or somethin'. :coocoo:

What an Awesome day. :think:



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I had lots of fun this year. There was some really nice stuff there like usual.

It was great seeing everyone and hanging out when we could. I saw a few DDR members that I didn't even think were gonna be at the show. :ban-split:

It was nice chatting and hanging out with everyone at the FoDD booth. It seemed like it was kinda the "home" booth for Dumont people. :laughoff: Everytime you'd walk by there would be someone you know there hanging out with FoDD. :laughoff::laughoff:

Hanging out with the usual DDR suspects at Huntington Sat night was fun as hell. I wish we would have known exactly where and when we were going that night so Bob and a few others could have come out. We finally got to meet richard cheese in person. Nice guy. Thanks again for the drinks, Jason. :laughoff: Good times for sure. You and your wife are good people. We had some good laughes. :D

Here are a few pics...

barefoot bob and duniemonkie doin a lil dance :think:


a big azz SU car (monkie added for reference)



Sandemon keeping a Dumont duner informed


Funcos new gen 5










check out the wheels...








Anna SO wants one of these :laughoff: ...




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