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Ross and Alice

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  1. We have camping water containers to replenish our supply.
  2. Kids and wife all got new Quads for Christmas, so it was off to Death Valleys Dumonts Dunes. In order to accomodate our kids schedules with our ex's, it meant a 2 week stay. Dumont New Years morning top of Banshee hill. Pick taken by Ali. First day the winds were about as strong as I've ever encountered. Brutal. We have the enclosed Satelite dish so it was TV and a little more fun into the food we were making until the brutal winds passed. Usually a day or three. The wife loves TV channels like Discovery Health. So we lay in bed and watch together. One episode the doctors were trimming a hot chix **** because it looked like a rose, and the doctors trimmed her boyfriends two ****s which hung down halfway to his knees. Always someone getting something like new bushings installed in their a** on the Health/surgery channels. Hell, us guys watch the motorsport mechanical stuff and wrench on it all the time too, so I guess chic's ,,, If you can get the Canadian bootleg sat dish flash cards ya get the entire planets channels un-censored. Occasionally they roll through selling them. We invite people we know over for a party in super windy conditions as well. Bust out the food and drinks. Works good. Fun parties. Two teenage couples were camping in a 14X6 uninsulated enclosed box, so they gladly accepted our party invitation in the 38 degree F brutal Hurricane winds. Usually in high winds, we would head to Stateline to ride the Desperado Coaster, but now they close it in strong winds. Amazing who will knock on our RV door over the duration of our dune trips. One evening two girls in a Rhino knocked at our door needing ******s so they stopped at the first RV that looked like it had a friendly mom. They stuck around for Playstation too. Their single dads not too dialed in on young daughters. Another nite some other girls knocked a the door asking to use our cell phone. Nextell only works if the Sheriffs have their temp Communication truck at the dunes. Verizon works best, and these girls had some "urgent" calls to make and were outta luck with the Nextells. No problem. Kids Ride to the extreem outer edge brings us to the North Pole. The mailbox has really cool letters from the kids to Santa that are fun to read. The trail to the North Pole is the most popular ride for the kids. A BFD run they all love to make. It's my favorite too. We take the extreme outer sand trails and bowls that a 80 cc and above quad can handle well. Great Rhino run too. A group of about 10 late model Prevost MoHo's camped nearby and invited our youngest over for a kids Party with Inflatable jolly jumps and all kinds of activities. Most of the rigs had stacker enclosed toy hauler trailers in tow. Some sophisticated as much as your imagination could muster. They could haul anything they wanted. Some big $$ invested. Juice lifts of all sorts and configurations inside. I believe the Prevosts start at about $300K, it was quite a camp. Most of the Prevost owners were loosing their nerve in the winds, and wanted re-assurance from me their rig wouldn't tip over. Yeah,, it was that strong. Horrendous. They felt pulling in their slideouts offered some protection. Damfino, perhaps they felt they had to do something in the "crisis". Never heard of any rig ever blowing over in the winds. I put smaller Diameter gell filled Chix handelbar grips and a twist throttle on Alices quad. She rides MX and has a Kawasaki Ninja too so the twist throttle was a natural for her. Also I re-jetted her already powerfull v twin 700. The Elka Resi Shocks were worth every dime. The ride is superb. Handling awesome. She can simply adjust it with finger knobs. Really a fun quad to ride. No fatique at all. Scary fast. The Wallmart in Parump has a market and is open 24/7. So an occasional 4 am early morning supplies run, and hit a casino & breakfast out is a break for us after having the kids underfoot days at a time. Good to be home though. Two weeks is a long haul, but the family is crazy about the dunes, so we provide and have a blast too. Back for MLK weekend if anyone is interested in a group run.
  3. Their is a waterfall like that that you actually flow through on the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland. Instead of words it has scary stuff ya bust through on the boat.
  4. They were known as Chevy Shove-it's for good reason. Only place I really ever saw them in numbers was in buy American loyal Florida. Now everyone drives Toyotas for good reason too.
  5. Ya have to dumb down your posts at GD.com. Can't upstage the guy who portrays Slappy. If you post a funny or interesting thread,, your thread will vanish. Even if it's G rated. If you try again, you will get banned, and anyone who added anything interesting to thread will get kicked out too. That's after his toadys attack you first. It's all about Slappy,, then all his Toadys can stumble in and be followers. So dumb it down. I've posted there since if first went on line before the Slappy guy bought it. Not much now. Met a lot of crummy people off it. A few good people, but they rarely post over there anymore. You'll rarely see anyone who is hands on active in dune issues or a icon in the Southwest dune industry make an appearance there. If ever.
  6. Alba told me ya know it's 60 hp or more because it blows the head gasket.
  7. We want one of those flags too. Put Elka shox on the wifes quad, gave her a nice camera and a diamond braclet. Also re- jetted her quad, twist grip throttle, new grips. She gave me some electronics stuff and a helmet cam system and told me to buy a Rhino. No Rhino until I have the room to haul it. The shocks are teriffic. She only 125 lbs max and the stock boat anchors Kawasaki used for shocks were way too much. The thumb throttle was brutal, and shes an experienced MX'r so the twist should work out nicely. The jetting, just rich'd up the mix a bit, maybe noticable power gain.
  8. Worst people you'll meet in duning are on GD.com Outside of dumont-dunes.com I think they're worse.
  9. No it's not plugged. Both quads still leak. Is this one of those "it's something else causing the problem not our parts" kinda treatment? I've got no response about the problem at Thumpertalk. I paid almost 50 bucks. Hope everyone notices you pay your money at Thumpertalk, then you take your chances. You're stuck with whatever ya bought.
  10. I recently bought my wife the KFX 700. She loves it. Scary fast power. The automatic quads are a little heaver, but ya don't really notice it. Like compairing a Lite VW dune buggy to a V8 LT car. Weight really has nothing to do with it. Best price we found anywhere was Simi Valley Kawasaki. About $6K otd. It's a steamer outta the box with spectacular power, but they'll re-jet for even more power if you wish at a reasonable charge. Best rear sand tires are the scat trax 24's.
  11. It falls on the weekend, the weather is cool,, I predict record numbers for a NY.
  12. Click here: http://www.jibjab.com/jokebox/jokebox/jibj...851/jokeid/6957 ---------------------------------------- True story: The old lady up the street from us still lives on 20 acres of farm/ranch property. She has live stock, and had a really mean rooster. We have an even meaner cat Meiko. Vet swears Meiko could bite through a broomstick and snap it. Straight razor totin' tomcat. Freak of nature, Coyote smart, brutally tough housecat that is good to the kids. The kids have to take a long way around the ladys little farm when walking to the park because her Rooster is so mean and aggressive with spurs. Son even carried a canoe paddle for defense in case the Rooster attacked them. Meiko the cat drug it home one day, left what he didn't eat of it left next to the trash cans.
  13. This seems to happen every few years. Sorry to read it again.
  14. I need to get outta the house for a spell. I just might be there. Oh wait,, New Years weekend??,, Be at the dunes. Bought the wife some Elkas for her KFX, and a diamond bracelette.
  15. I think my wife bought me the new Sony High Def video camera and an Apple laptop to edit movies on. I bought her a Nikon digital camera, KFX 700 and some jewlery.
  16. Yeah, seated and secured. We have a post asking about it:http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=161806&page=2
  17. I post over there all the time. You don't get the A holes there like in YFZcentral. or dumont-dunes. The YFZ de-comp plugs I bought there leak, and no reply back when I asked about that. So ya spend your money and ya take your chances.
  18. Who in the heck is that ambitious? It will always amaze us. What will they do with it? A lot of work to remove it,, for what???
  19. Must be mistaken, I think it was here: http://www.ucc-worcester.org/greenrooster/
  20. DAMFINO Pete, we rode by your Dumont compound and saw you were handling that spatula with finesse' that only a seasoned veteran, years in the trade could master. Well,,,we thought it was you. Or was that a fly swatter in your hand?
  21. Yeah, check for the upgrade available for the brakes, and a couple other minor things. You should be very happy with it. Starting to see them in the used market as their leases expire.
  22. Talked to a girl on phone in Tenn today. She said her husband stops by and starts her car before she gets off work and warms it up for 20 min. It 's 22 deg sux 72 sunny here
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