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New Years Weekend Report 2015

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We had a blast out there this weekend.

Decided not to vend, good decision since the crowds were so small. Still had a couple of a$$hats in camp next to us, but we didn't let idiots ruin our weekend and thankfully no one was hurt. The road going in sucked, I don't think they did anything to it prior to the weekend.

Still love the Ace, dunes were tore up and being on a quad would have been super rough and for me unbearable.

The moon was awesome!

The company was fantastic!

While Mike, Joe and Adam were out on a "big boy" run, I took off to put around and find some ripply sand to take some photos. A friend of mine found me and we were over by Memorial Hill, she hadn't been, so we went over and paid Bert a visit. While we were there a 4 seat RZR got high centered and stuck, so team girl power came to the rescue, she pulled with her RZR and I pushed on the front and away they went to enjoy their weekend! Bert must have been looking out for them, they could have been stuck there awhile, as that area gets very little traffic. Then we putted around, stopped by vendor row and chatted with Desert Bling, they agreed it was a good weekend not to vend, since no one was there. Then we took off to play on the dunes by our camp at bathroom #3 and stopped to watch a group of people having a blast, sledding down a big hill. they would take the kids up in the sand rail and dooooownnnn they would slide! Looked like so much fun. Mike, Joe and Adam ran into us up there and we headed off to find a great spot to watch the sun go down and to do the last sunset cruise of the first weekend of 2015!

Some pics from the weekend:






























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:watching: spill it! Those idiots deserve to be flamed again for being irresponsible.


Well apparently some very irresponsible parents and duners decided that it was a GREAT idea to let their children take their full sized sand cars and not just drive them back and forth in front of their camp but ours as well... looked like the children in both sand cars ranged in age from 8ish - 12ish.. one of them turned quickly within 30ish feet from myself while walking my dog on a leash next to my own toyhauler, trying to get it to go to the bathroom, thankfully I had one of those leashes that retract quickly. I thought what a effin :censored: a$$hat.. then I saw the children driving.. they then proceeded for about an hour to allow their children to wheelie full sized sand cars not only in front of their own camp, but ours as well, and a very busy intersection where several people had to stop abruptly so they were not hit by children doing wheelies in rails. Several parents in our camp where watching their kids play on quads in front of our camp had to stop them from playing because they were afraid of their kids on quads being run down by kids in sand rails that could not even see over the steering wheel!!!!

And BIG surprise... the Shrek car strikes again!!!

These guys also saw us, hanging out on a sand dune watching the sun set and still decided to take their run within 15-20 feet of us, when the leader crested the dune, we thought he was going to slide right into us and looked at us like we did something wrong.. it was obvious where we were and you could easily see us.

Its unfortunate that the responsible duners have to keep an extra eye out for irresponsible turds! And apparently they are grooming and training the next generation of irresponsible duners!




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That is one thing that I have a HUGE problem with, as I have a daughter of my own. I would like to take a quick moment to commend all of DDR about not bashing other people and their rides, like other sites seem to do. So well done DDR :clap:

However...... to the owner of the shrek rail :finger:

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awsum pics, sorry for the other.

Thank you. :)

Thankfully no one was hurt, I just wish people would be more responsible, if you really want your kid to drive, take them someplace that no one is around and take away the risk or chance of them hurting or killing someone.. and teach them how to do it as safely as possible... not teach them its ok to do this in a busy camp area...

The red one full of kids, is the one that almost hit me and the dog, child had it on two wheels turning and almost dumped it over.. again right where people were transitioning into the camp area...


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Damn where are the rangers when you need them? They got me once for having red lights inside the eyes of my punisher skull, apparently that means I am impersonating a cop, but this shrek car seems to be a reoccurring danger to the whole dunes and they keep coming?

Edited by metalalien
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Sandchick.. that sux. Glad you all are fine. People not gonna ever learn . we all remember what happened in October whith that young kid died on his sxs in the middle of night. This kids (god forbid) are gonna hurt someone or even themselves and the parent gonna wish they'd never should have given these kids that huge responsibility to drive a buggy careless. ....

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Had a really great weekend over New Years - finally a weekend with NO WIND during the day!

Camped with a decent group of people until it came time to leave on Sunday - why do people seem to think it's OK to put 3 or 4 days worth of garbage in the campfire before they leave???? It was a mess, full of beer cans and bottles. I picked-up what I could before we left, but there was still a smoldering mess. Sorry Dumont Dunes :(

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