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It's a spammer in Russia. They've already been banned. Unfortunately they sent out numerous PMs to members so I'll be getting messages from many more to come that haven't opened it yet. Normally you hit the report button so admins can look into it asap. Just delete it though. 👍🏻

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So not a single one of us checked out the pics? We must all be gettin’ old! I don’t even think my back or hips could tolerate her offer of humping at least once a day.


Hope all of you dune peeps have been staying healthy, happy, and well. Life’s speeding along at a breakneck pace so smell those roses on occasion.


Been a little while since I hit up the DDR site but was needing to get me a little sand drama fix since the GD site has been down for a while. Sure do miss Dumont and I hope to return someday but probably not looking favorable. The past three seasons I have been to the dunes a total of three times and each one was for the Veterans Day Ceremony at Glamis. Going to be selling my RZR in the next few months and I’ve already sold two toy haulers over the past year. Crazy market for recreational vehicles going on. I sold one for $750 less than I paid for it in 2006. Not bad rent for 16 years! Sold a 2009 Vortex last month for $4500 MORE than what I paid for it a little over three years ago. Don’t think I’ll have such luck with the RZR.lol

Anyways, good to read that folks are still getting out and enjoying our awesome dunes.

Y’all take care ya hear.👍

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Good to hear from you! 

so considering selling all my sh*t and taking a year off lol. Buuutttt I still wanna play lol 


my F450 I could sell what I paid for it in 2017 and only be outta pocket a few $K for a new one but I’d have to order it lol. 

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