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My newest toy

White Rhino

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As many of you may know, I have been looking for a stacker for quit some time... this one presented itself and at a GREAT price!!!!!

Custom made trailer,

Steering front axle is designed to eliminate tongue weight, makes towing very easy. Air bags on all wheels lowers trailer to accommodate loading of vehicles.






Custom made by Competitive Trailer in 2005

GVW 25,000 LBS

Color: White

24’ Box length

2- 8000Lb. Axles W/ Disc Brakes and Air Ride

Steering Axle With Air Ride

Torsion Axles

Hold Down Rings

12 Volt Roof Vent

Rear Ramp W/ 12 Volt Winch

48” Side Entry Door

12 foot Interior Height

19 foot Hydraulic Lift Platform

Walls Insulated & PNLD W/ White Aluminum

Alcoa Aluminum 16” Wheels

.090 Smooth Aluminum EXT Skin

Plywood Floor W/ Aluminum Under Skin

C-TECH Aluminum Cabinets

Open Storage Above Cabinets

110 Wiring, Includes INT Fluorescent Lights

110 Wall Plugs, EXT Wall Plugs

Service PNL W/ Shore Power Plug

Rouleau Rubber Tile Floor

(2) Exterior Quartz Lights

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I saw those added front steering axle trailers a couple years ago at the sand sports show. Pretty trick!

You have quite the setup now. New pusher, kickass stacker, new long travel rail, ....etc. :beerpint: Congrats, Paul. Next season should be kickass. :driver:

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Thanks everybody!!

I cant wait to get it!!!!! It is supposed to be delivered next week some time.

I GOT A GREAT DEAL on it....... I always liked the idea of the front wheel on a stacker, and the air ride but never thought I could afford one.... The guy paid $76K to have this built 4 years ago, and I paid NO WHERE NEAR that!!!!!! cheaper than most stackers on here is all I will say :P:driver::driver::beerpint: now I am :laughing: but I got the toys.. Now I need to :booty: to get gas money to get me to the dunes... :laughoff:

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Congrats Paul !

That design looks like it would work really well with the front tires. Taking the tounge weight off the hitch.

Let us know how it tows.

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Dang there was a guy named Paul in Vegas that just sold one of those! bitchin trailers.


Yes, a guy named Paul, Paul Tracy from IRL (Indy car) fame. He also drives a bad azz LTR, big green Monster rail. Notice at the top of his avatar has Champcar3pete.

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Hey Paul, you have the servos on the front axle or able to raise it to back up, or what's the trick for that?

yeap servo for front axle you put it reverse and it locks out the wheels just as that other Paul's did, so doesn't act like a triple trailer.

This is the same builder as that other one :DDRrocks:


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