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Buggy Roundup 4, Great Weekend!


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What an awesome weekend. We had a huge turnout this year. Everyone was super cool. We had lots of laughs, dune runs, and good times. Our camp was huge and there was hardly anybody else out there but us. So much fun! Thanks to everyone who came out. I'll have much more to add as far as pics, video and highlights.


If you have anything to add from the weekend, post it up.


In the meantime, here's @jetjock15 going big! 



My favorite photo from the weekend taken by @FE135




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Another great weekend. Plenty of new people to meet and a lot of familiar faces too. Thanks to Pete and Anna for doing what it takes to keep DDR up and running allowing us all to get together for trips like this. I am sure its not said enough but we all appreciate it.


Had a blast running around with all the buggies/bikes/can-ams and everything else that joined in. I stayed to the rear just to enjoy the view of all the cars in a LONG-ASS line. It was cool to see us stretch out 4 to 5 bowls as we weaved around Dumont.  I have some great videos from my drone, Pete has them and I am sure he will make a sweet video of it all pretty soon.


Sandy was pretty relaxed this weekend but she still got around and managed to make it home. Well, after Pete hauled butt in his rail to find me while I was leaving to get her back to me. The Carne/Chicken meal was the highlight topped off with some great fights. Carrie and myself kept on cooking till it was all gone and manage to stuff our faces while doing it.


I didn't take many pictures as we duned, but here is what I got around camp and the final sunset of the trip. The circles are steel wool in a wisk and spun around while taking a long exposure picture. Me,Pete,Anna and Steve were laughing our butts off while taking these.J52A0404.JPG

















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 So the buggy round up was my first trip to Dumont and I had a really great experience everybody was super friendly Pete thanks for an amazing dinner Saturday night the dunes were a blast all in all a really great weekend I will definitely be back thank you to everyone 

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Here's some pics...


Thursday night we rolled in and found out we only had 5 of the 6 tires remaining on the trailer. oops! We lost a tire somewhere a long time ago and the trailer didn't even care. haha It still towed great and the rim didn't even get damaged. Oh well, we'll deal with that on Sunday. 



After we got unloaded and a few of us chilled around the fire. The clouds looked really cool with the moon. And I swear my lights are blue, not pink. lol We had a conversation about that.

IMG_3577 (Large).JPG


IMG_3579 (Large).JPG


IMG_3581 (Large).JPG


Friday morning we already had a good sized camp started.

IMG_3583 (Large).JPG


With this size camp I desperately needed my ATC and it decided not to start that morning. :(

P1120447 (Large).JPG


Sandy the elf helped diagnose it as a bad battery.

P1120446 (Large).JPG


bp-guy rolled in from San Diego that morning

P1120449 (Large).JPG


The camp area was empty other than maybe 1 or 2 small groups. We pretty much had the place all to ourselves. 

P1120452 (Large).JPG


A group of us chatted and got a morning run put together. 

P1120455 (Large).JPG



P1120454 (Large).JPG


We had a good sized group already.

P1120459 (Large).JPG


Then @KRUSTY rolled in

P1120461 (Large).JPG


Then before we knew it, Sandy started acting like an idiot and took Jason's dog for a ride.

P1120469 (Large).JPG


She had one too many blood marys and couldn't hold on.

P1120471 (Large).JPG

P1120472 (Large).JPG

P1120468 (Large).JPG


ynot and Lou B tested out our zero gravity chairs. 

P1120473 (Large).JPG


Later in the day the group grew.

P1120476 (Large).JPG


P1120475 (Large).JPG


It was great to have @FE135 join us.

P1120474 (Large).JPG


Becky was having fun

P1120477 (Large).JPG




Sandy insisted on riding on the front of bp-guy's car, then demanded a Go Pro capture her wild ride. Camera whore. 

P1120480 (Large).JPG


 Anna and I took some selfies. 

P1120482 (Large).JPG


Then just as the day was going so perfect, snap went my axle as I got 2 whoops into Comp Hill.



Dent boy towed me back and luckily Ben actually had a spare axle that fit my car. He saved my weekend! Thanks dude! I owe you big time.

P1120488 (Large).JPG


Anna captured the tow back as well as a selfie with Chad. haha

P1120503 (Large).JPG


The sun went down and I fixed my car just as it was getting dark.

P1120506 (Large).JPG


The sky was awesome that night.

P1120509 (Large).JPG


P1120508 (Large).JPG


vegas style busted out his awesome stuffed jalapenos

P1120511 (Large).JPG


Camp was so big that everyone sort of had little satellite fires in addition the center fire. That was the only draw back. It was a really long walk. 

P1120514 (Large).JPG

IMG_3587 (Large).JPG


Sandy had some quality campfire time.

P1120516 (Large).JPG

P1120515 (Large).JPG


Then she made her way to the booze and quickly got out of line again.

P1120519 (Large).JPG


P1120520 (Large).JPG

P1120524 (Large).JPG


Sandy tried posting to DDR but passed out before she could even log on.

P1120525 (Large).JPG


Friday night, the camp circle was almost complete.

IMG_3590 (Large).JPG


to be continued...more to come from the rest of the weekend

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Saturday morning Chris M and @Dangrplayr showed up and took his little buggy for a quick rip.

P1120527 (Large).JPG


Me and a few others skipped the morning group ride and instead a we went out to play with the drones and take some pics.


Unfortunately Chris's car busted a spindle.

P1120535 (Large).JPG


I went and hunted down his front tire. It went for a nice ride.

P1120529 (Large).JPG


Since he wasn't going anywhere, we decided this was the place to take some shots before we towed him back.


@Dent boy pulled some of his signature wheelies

IMG_3593 (Large).JPG


@Mustache Motorsports put on an awesome show. Love his car.IMG_3615 (Large).JPG

IMG_3643 (Large).JPG

IMG_3644 (Large).JPG

P1120538 (Large).JPG


@JVZ got in on the action in his Desert Dynamics

IMG_3608 (Large).JPG

IMG_3637 (Large).JPG

IMG_3652 (Large).JPG


After all the fun, we decided to get Chris's car prepped to tow back. We took the front shock off and ratchet-strapped the opposite rear corner. 

P1120557 (Large).JPG


The forward tow was no longer an option after filling his car with sand. lol So we opted for this method instead. 

P1120571 (Large).JPG


Back at camp, Ben busted out his scales and we had a buggy weigh-in.

P1120575 (Large).JPG


P1120577 (Large).JPG


P1120576 (Large).JPG


There were some big cars in camp this year weighing in well over 3000 lbs. :dayum:

P1120579 (Large).JPG


Then it was time for a Saturday afternoon group ride. The line was huge. 


P1120581 (Large).JPG

P1120585 (Large).JPG

P1120588 (Large).JPG

P1120592 (Large).JPG

P1120593 (Large).JPG


We stopped out near Talladega.

IMG_3675 (Large).JPGIMG_3674 (Large).JPG

IMG_3681 (Large).JPG


P1120594 (Large).JPG


After that we headed over to the jump near Comp and had a little Huck-off for those that liked jumping.

IMG_3701 (Large).JPG

IMG_3683 (Large).JPG

IMG_3694 (Large).JPG

IMG_3699 (Large).JPG

IMG_3700 (Large).JPG

IMG_3707 (Large).JPG

IMG_3711 (Large).JPG

IMG_3712 (Large).JPG

IMG_3720 (Large).JPG

P1120601 (Large).JPG


Later in the afternoon a few of us we went for a quickie cruise over to the sunset overlook to watch the sun go down.

P1120606 (Large).JPG

P1120620 (Large).JPG

P1120618 (Large).JPG

P1120610 (Large).JPG

P1120607 (Large).JPG

P1120622 (Large).JPG

P1120613 (Large).JPG

P1120614 (Large).JPG

P1120615 (Large).JPG


Sandy even appreciated the sunset.

P1120626 (Large).JPG


Then she did some sand angels.

P1120627 (Large).JPG


Back at camp it was time for tacos and UFC.

IMG_3742 (Large).JPG

P1120633 (Large).JPG

P1120634 (Large).JPG

P1120635 (Large).JPG

P1120636 (Large).JPG

IMG_3750 (Large).JPG


Sandy started getting out of hand again and tried getting into people's pants. She sort of succeeded.

P1120655 (Large).JPG

P1120657 (Large).JPG


Then some upside down twerking happened.

P1120666 (Large).JPG


And then Amanda supervised her for the rest of the night.

P1120673 (Large).JPG





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Sunday morning quite a few people took off early but many decided to stay and go for more rides.

P1120677 (Large).JPG

P1120678 (Large).JPG

P1120695 (Large).JPG


Rogue Racing's badass little X3.

P1120689 (Large).JPG


A group of went for a nice mellow cruise and hung out at Talladega for quite a while and enjoyed that awesome weather. It was close to 70 degrees and felt great. The only downfall was the fact my phone slipped out on the ride and was lost somewhere in the sand. It still didn't ruin my afternoon. I was having fun. 

P1120700 (Large).JPG


The girls went for a little tinkle time. lol

P1120698 (Large).JPG


Anna kept cracking us up with that monkey hat.

P1120699 (Large).JPG

P1120696 (Large).JPG


The group split after a while and me, Anna, Brian and Amanda went searching for my phone using the Google locate device feature. We had no luck at first due to no cel reception. So we stopped over at the jump to let Amanda play. She loves jumping their RZR.

P1120713 (Large).JPG

P1120718 (Large).JPG

P1120723 (Large).JPG


We sat, laughed, and cheered her on. 

P1120725 (Large).JPG


Then we went back to camp, got Anna's phone and I looked up my phone in a 4G area. Boom! I located it right behind comp. 

P1120727 (Large).JPG


P1120733 (Large).JPG


After that we went over and played on a jump where FE135 was shooting some shots of ItsWeeks new car. Badass car for sure. It turned out beautiful and it was good to see him have a good weekend with next to no problems. 


P1120735 (Large).JPG

P1120741 (Large).JPG

P1120743 (Large).JPG

P1120744 (Large).JPG

P1120745 (Large).JPG

P1120746 (Large).JPG


Once the sun went down we kicked back and made a drink.

P1120749 (Large).JPG

P1120753 (Large).JPG


We ended up leaving about 7 PM. Late night getting home but oh so worth it.


Another epic trip in the books! Thanks again to everyone. It was great seeing & meeting all the new faces and I look forward to future dune trips. :headbang1:


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Man what a GREAT weekend!!!


It started out a little later than anticipated. Was hoping for an early start. But was truckpooling with some friends. Mike didn't have room in the hauler for my Pork Butt Maverick, so I was going to drive out solo. But my friends decided to join in the fun as well and they had a flat bed, so the thought was to put both vehicles on their flat bed and share the ride out. When they pulled up, I knew both vehicles were not going to fit on that trailer. Even with the quad side ways! :dope: We jiggled and twisted, yeah.... NOPE! Then it was throw the quad in the bed of my truck and squish into my truck. They had all of their stuff and I also had my big old lady lab mix. OH WAIT!?! We have no ramps to get that beast into the bed of my truck! :blury: So I back into my driveway, to the low spot. We can muscle this beast, KFX 700, into the bed. We tried this, we tried that, we tried hoisting it with straps. DAYham! That is one heavy b*tch! Well poop! we'll just have to take two vehicles. But that was just not satisfactory! So my friend Shaun eventually muscled the front end of the quad up, one of us girls holding the brake the other helping hold it up. We carefully walked it down the driveway on its back tires and dropped the front into the truck. Then picked up the rear and slid her on in! WHEW! Strap her down. Unload the Maverick, transfer the trailer to my truck, reload the Maverick, then food and fill up with gas! Finally a couple hours later we were on the road! :woo_hoo:




We arrive in camp ready to kick back with some beers! My friend Shaun is also my backpacking, Pacific Crest Trail, trail brother. He is family to me. He is hilarious and always finds the best beers. He is always sending me photos of obscure beers, hey check this out, have you tried this? Some of them are so funny! But I have found some of my favorite beers through him, b*tch Creek, Ash Tray Heart to name a few. So it didn't surprise me in the least bit, when he pulled out some brown ale to start off our weekend! And when he handed me that beer, I KNEW we were in for a fun weekend full of laughs! :lol: sh*t was really good too :lol: 



After a couple beers and hanging out by the fire for a minute and whooping it up in the hauler, it was time for bed. We had riding to do in the morning!


Up before the sun rise, Mike and I took the dogs out. Shaun and Angela made breakfast, while I made coffee. Right after breakfast, I snuck over to Adam's trailer and borrowed his ramps. I was chuckling to myself, wondering how long it would take him to realize they were gone and think someone stole them. :laughing: 

We unloaded Pork Butt (Maverick) and unhitched, unloaded the KFX 700, so much easier with ramps. I put the ramps back into the truck and waited for the "someone stole my ramps" He actually didn't notice until Sunday when he was getting ready to load up and someone who knew what was going on, pointed out that someone had stolen them. We let him stew for a minute before we told him. :laughing:  Gassed up and immediately went on a JoeDuner's daughter Sarah run. From east to west, covering all of the dunes possible. We took a quick break, prior to heading to the North Pole. Chilled at the pole for a bit. Then it was back to camp for lunch.




While at the North Pole Mike had been talking about driving one our friends CanAm X3's, while our friend drove the rail. Apparently that ride was happening the second we got back to camp. We rounded up our group and refueled. Angela jumped into a rzr, it was going to be a fast run. I just assumed Mike was going to lead. Well because Mike usually always leads. I was looking forward to one of his fast, swooping, long runs. As soon as we took off, I realized that Mike wasn't leading, our friend Spenser was leading this run in his X3! :dayum: OK Here goes nothing, i thought! Well apparently I wasn't the only one who wasn't ready for this, as parts of our group started jumping in line after cutting across the dunes to catch up to our run. It was craziness, but we all got into a line eventually. We hit up the big dunes,  behind comp, hauling ass, I was keeping up! Shredding some serious sand and keeping up with the big boys! This run was so intense, my hands were shaking when we finally stopped at the North Pole. We went from the backside of the big dunes behind comp, up and over the top, to the front side and then back, up and over the top to the backside, !! I think I was screaming holy sh*t the whole way! :shocked: and kept it going all the way to the North Pole. EPIC!! The wife of the guy driving Mike's rail, got a great shot of me keeping right up with them. Took me a minute or 10 to catch my breath! When I unbuckled and got out, there were high fives and holy sh*ts all around, what a great ride!



Back at camp for a quick lunch and visiting. Not too long though before the next ride was announced! I barely got buckled in, when our Utah crew was already taking off! Oh my gosh! What the heck! You didn't even make sure everyone was ready! Freaking Adam was leading this run! Mike was in the rail, pushing him right along! A little shop competition! It was fast and twisty, turny, like a combination of a JoeDuner run and a Mike run. Super fun! When we arrived at the North Pole, I realized I didn't have time to fill up before we left. Damn! I am out of gas! See ya! I am slinking away on the flats! 


By the time I returned it was time for a spectacular sunset! And a DDR dinner. Carne Tacos! YUMMY!!! :DDRrocks: Watched part of the fights, then hung out with our Utah crew in their hauler, then off to the small campfire in front of JoeDuner's hauler.  I knew it was going to be an early day tomorrow, so I was happy we made the most of the day with 3 great and epic rides!


Again I was having so much fun I barely took and photos! Maybe I'll get more pics on our 6 day Dumont Christmas Vacation! :headbang1:


A BIG THANK YOU to Pete for all the hard work in putting on this awesome event. I didn't get to make one of the epic buggy runs. But it was still a great weekend and a fun camp!




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Had an awesome weekend. I did not camp with DDR. Our camp was furthest west, on the mesa overlooking the pay station. We had a decent sized group with several rails, 2 yxz's, an x3, and multiple dirt bikes. The DDR camp looked pretty awesome though! We met two younger dirt bike guys and rode with them from the DDR camp. Would like to camp with you guys for new years if welcome to. All in all a great weekend at dumont.

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Wow, great pics and weekend reports.  So very sad we missed it....   But, HotDamn, got my new engine installed over the weekend:rockwoot:.  Heading out to Dumont this Sunday and Monday to test the ride :-)


Looks like all had an Awesome Weekend.  How do you not brake those machines with such Spectacular Air :dayum:

Such beautiful machines you all have :)



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8 hours ago, trevor_t said:

Had an awesome weekend. I did not camp with DDR. Our camp was furthest west, on the mesa overlooking the pay station. We had a decent sized group with several rails, 2 yxz's, an x3, and multiple dirt bikes. The DDR camp looked pretty awesome though! We met two younger dirt bike guys and rode with them from the DDR camp. Would like to camp with you guys for new years if welcome to. All in all a great weekend at dumont.


Hey Trevor you should have joined the group. That's what the trip is all about. This is the only weekend out of the season where we do a big group DDR camp. Everyone has their own separate camps throughout the season. 

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