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Buggy Roundup 5 Trip Reports


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This trip gets better and better every year. I don't know exactly how many cars showed up, but there were about 30 buggies in the group photo and a few back at camp still so probably 35 total. Everyone was super cool. We met a bunch of new friends this weekend and had a great time with everyone. We couldn't have asked for better weather or dune conditions. Having the place pretty much all to ourselves helped with that many buggies running together. Those dunes were soooo good. I'd like to thank everyone for coming out and making this trip come together. Anna and I had a ton of fun. 


Here's the group photo by Neal Rideout.

N81_7837_ (Large).jpg


We attempted to make an oval camp this year but it turned into an "8" of some sort. Still a good sized camp! Drone pics by 619 Action Photo,@bp-guy


DJI_0005 (Large).JPG

DJI_0009 (Large).JPG

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We wished we would have camped with the group. I'm happy that Mike was able to do a couple of runs with you guys. His only frustration, is that yes the SxS's need to be in the back, because they can't run as fast as the big cars in general, but the last run he tried to do with the group, he was stuck behind a beam car and in the big long travel car it was just to hard to try to run behind them, without running them over and he didn't want to be "that guy" and pass in the line, so he just dropped out. Poor guy, it's the second year in a row he's been stuck behind a buggy that just can't move like the long travel cars. Maybe the beam cars need to also stay back behind the long travel cars? Just a suggestion after listening to his frustration. He still had fun.


We also stopped for a little photo shoot with his Tatum and this guy jumped in the fun. I got some great photos of him, I'd like to share with him, maybe someone knows who he is? I assumed he was part of the buggy round up...



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Some more pics...


Wednesday night. It was empty and chilly, but the 3/4 supermoon lit up Dumont!

IMG_5409 (Large).JPG


IMG_5405 (Large).JPG



Thursday morning was quiet...VERY quiet. It was nice. 

IMG_5412 (Large).JPG


P1180972 (Large).JPG


P1180973 (Large).JPG



@sandmandan and I both had radiator cap issues (small leak), so we messed with that for a bit.

P1180976 (Large).JPG



Then we went out to survey those smooth dunes. They were difficult to read, almost like summertime, but they were so awesome. 

P1180977 (Large).JPG

P1180978 (Large).JPG

P1180980 (Large).JPG



Although it was just 2 buggies, Buggy Roundup 5 had begun!

P1180982 (Large).JPG



Back at camp, Anna enjoyed some sunshine in her hammock.

P1180983 (Large).JPG



Did I mention we had the place all to ourselves? :) I took my 500 out for a cruise.

P1180984 (Large).JPG

P1180990 (Large).JPG

P1180986 (Large).JPG

P1180985 (Large).JPG

P1180991 (Large).JPG



There was another group of buggies already out there camped behind the rock pile. One of the guys stopped by a couple times to chat. Nice guy and wicked car.

P1180992 (Large).JPG



Later in the day when the sun got a bit lower, we headed back out to make some more tracks and enjoy the emptiness of the dunes. Our radiator caps were still dripping a little, but if that was the worst thing that happened all weekend we were ok with it!

P1180993 (Large).JPG

P1180994 (Large).JPG

P1180995 (Large).JPG

P1190002 (Large).JPG

P1190005 (Large).JPG

P1190007 (Large).JPG

P1190008 (Large).JPG

P1190017 (Large).JPG

P1190020 (Large).JPG

P1190021 (Large).JPG

P1190024 (Large).JPG

P1190025 (Large).JPG



We finished off the day with a quick cruise over to the sunset hill. We were a little late to the show, but it was good enough.

P1190040 (Large).JPG

P1190045 (Large).JPG



Friday to be continued.....




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Friday morning camp had started to grow as everyone arrived and got ready for a morning dune run. 

P1190046 (Large).JPG

P1190048 (Large).JPG

P1190049 (Large).JPG

P1190050 (Large).JPG

P1190051 (Large).JPG

P1190053 (Large).JPG

P1190056 (Large).JPG



Friday afternoon camp grew larger as more cars arrived and we hung, BS'd, etc.

P1190059 (Large).JPG

P1190062 (Large).JPG

P1190066 (Large).JPG

P1190067 (Large).JPG

P1190069 (Large).JPG

P1190068 (Large).JPG


We headed out for a late day dune run. 

P1190072 (Large).JPG

P1190073 (Large).JPG

P1190074 (Large).JPG



Tim's wheel/ lugnut acorn washers decided to fail and he destroyed a rim. Luckily he had dirt tires to put on so he could still run afterwards. 

P1190076 (Large).JPG

P1190075 (Large).JPG



I took the 500 out for another spin. 

P1190081 (Large).JPG

bike roost.jpg

P1190082 (Large).JPG



Sandy the elf, once again, made an appearance this year and came out to party. 

P1190096 (Large).JPG

P1190098 (Large).JPG

P1190101 (Large).JPG



I turned in early Friday night after a few beers and socializing. I wanted to be charged up for Saturday. :driver:




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Saturday morning dune run to the North Pole...


P1190105 (Large).JPG

P1190106 (Large).JPG

P1190107 (Large).JPG



@louB tested out our hammock

P1190109 (Large).JPG



Just after lunch we brought out the scales and did a buggy weigh off. 

P1190114 (Large).JPG

P1190116 (Large).JPG

P1190113 (Large).JPG

P1190117 (Large).JPG

P1190118 (Large).JPG

P1190119 (Large).JPG

P1190121 (Large).JPG

P1190122 (Large).JPG


This was the coolest wheelchair I've ever seen. So of course we had to weigh it. 

P1190126 (Large).JPG



Sat afternoon we headed out for a group photo. Big thanks to @FE135 for getting the shot.

N81_7837_ (Large).jpg


Then we went duning.

rear view.jpg


Neal captured this awesome shot!



We stopped out near Talladega for a break. 

P1190131 (Large).JPG


Then we headed over to "the jump" back behind comp area and a few guys went big, but nobody was feeling like getting crazy. A couple guys played around while Neal and I grabbed some shots.

P1190132 (Large).JPG

P1190133 (Large).JPG

P1190140 (Large).JPG

P1190141 (Large).JPG

P1190146 (Large).JPG



Later in the day we headed out for another run and stopped on the sunset hill.

P1190171 (Large).JPG

P1190149 (Large).JPG

P1190150 (Large).JPG

P1190153 (Large).JPG

P1190159 (Large).JPG

P1190161 (Large).JPG

P1190166 (Large).JPG

P1190174 (Large).JPG

P1190175 (Large).JPG

P1190176 (Large).JPG

P1190180 (Large).JPG



After the sun went down the grills got fired up and it was taco time! Big thanks to Carrie and @bp-guy Tim for cooking!
P1190193 (Large).JPG


P1190190 (Large).JPG

P1190191 (Large).JPG

P1190194 (Large).JPG

P1190195 (Large).JPG



After dinner we had a nice hot fire thanks to @vegas style. He piled that wood on!

P1190197 (Large).JPG

P1190201 (Large).JPG

P1190199 (Large).JPG

P1190202 (Large).JPG


Great times with some great people. Thanks again to everyone who made it out. 






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2 hours ago, dirtflickarooster said:

awesome pictures, and great report!

I was hoping there would be a picture of when I broke my rim on the jump!

Thanks John. No, sorry I was below the jump when you launched to the moon. Wasn't able to catch that.  

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I watched the jump.  Right when I got there.  Holy S$&t!!!!   Massive!! I’m hoping that Neal got a shot of it.  Biggest launch I’ve ever seen in person.  Told my son about it but hoping for a pic.  Sorry about you smashing a rim. 

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On 12/19/2017 at 9:46 AM, sandrash1 said:

Holy Sh*t John.  I'm surprised the rim was the only casualty.  Impressive as hell.  

haha. that was just the test hit to see how the jump would throw us. We were planning on trying to make it further hoping to hit a little bit of the backside of the dune for a smoother landing. I ordered the OMF rim stiffeners that I believe you have. Unfortunately UPS says they were delivered, but I for a specific reason did not receive them. When I called OMF they stepped up and are sending me new ones at no cost to me while they deal with UPS.  If anyone needs rim products I would highly recommend this company.

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