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The Peeps go to the Beach


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Yes, the Peeps had a really good time. But......... not without incident though.

Awww! Life is good. Girlfriend, you need to put on some sun block, your gonna melt.


Oh No! This can't be good. "TAKE THE BROWN ONE, SHE'S ALL READY COOKED!"


Surfs up Dudes!


Wooooooo! Whooooooo! Epic waves braw.


:DDRrocks::laughoff: I'm not allowed to get wet.


Ha! Ha! :headspin: I told you to lean the other way and keep your elbows up.

i don't have friggin' elbow jerk. Daaaaad!


I'll race you up there.

Damn kids never listen.

How 'bout we roost um' while we're up there.


Here they come! Here they come! Get the net ready!


Net! Net!

Hell with you, I'm catching that friggin' crab


Dude! Whoa Dude! Say something to us Dude.

I think he's a little clammed up right now.


Dude! We'll get you out, just grap the line.



Why does this sh*t always happen to me?


It just don't get no better then this. Unless your at the dunes.



What can I say. :mex::laughing: It was fun and I hope you have enjoyed this 4th Peeps installment. Oh yes! I am sure there will be more.

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you are such a nut!

you should turn it into a slide show and put it on youtube

I think that is what I am going to do with all of them.

As far as the people go. Hell yes, they were looking at us going :laughing:

2 to 3 camears going, us, running around each other. :DDRrocks::laughoff::mex: it was pretty funny

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I couldn't have pulled if off without the help of my daughter Chassie http://www.contagiousdesign.com/

http://cbandjblog.com/ and her ever so patient hubby Steve http://www.sbellphotographyblog.com/

I'm surprised Chass hasn't figured out a way to cook them yet. :DDRrocks: Hey chic-a-boo, about that food blog :laughing: i feel a Peep Tragedy coming on. :laughoff::mex: :headspin:

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yeah! you can buy brown peeps. They are chocolate, just like the brown cat peeps you can get at Halloween/

The bird had my daughter and I laughting so hard.

We were just sitting there grabbing to rays, and watching people walk by checkin' out the peeps when the Sea Gull lands about 5 feet away and was just standing there eyeing the peeps out of the corner of his eye. :watching: I'm like, Chassie get your camera and hand me mine. We watched him for a couple of min's, he walks closer and closer I though for sure he would grab someone or something. But, he just watches them then for a second or two then walks away. I'm sure he was also thinking :watching:

And yes the crap (shell) was real and in place when we got to the tide pool. What a great find to add to the pic. Chassie was taking some photos and the live crab crawls out of the little hole. It was pretty cool.

The surfing was the hardest to set up. Peeps melt when wet.

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Awww thanks, ya know I try to keep them as natural as possible. I don't like/want to add a bunch to suits, pasties, arms, hats, etc. you know. It's fun to have to work around their disabilities ( No arms or Legs).

The Peeps will always prevail no matter what.

Sometimes a fail, but always an Owned. :watching::watching:

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